In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Nunu. This League of Legends champion is a nuisance, as he has a great ultimate that the longer he charges, the more damage he does. You can also neutralize enemies with your E skill. But since all League of Legends champions have their weak spot, here’s Nunu’s weak spot.

Tips for dealing with Nunu

  • Use champions with stunning skills. Nunu’s ultimate ability can be cancelled when he is stunned.
  • Keep the bushes with vision. All players who play with Nunu always wait for their enemies, to delete with their R, if you have vision you can anticipate their play.
  • Use scrolling champions. This will help you get out of Nunu’s ultimate.
  • Keep your eyes wide open. If you’re walking through a bush and the champion gets slow, watch out, it may be Nunu’s ultimate.
  • Nunu counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Nunu.


    I saw him cancel the ultimate with his Q or R. Also, Vi has a lot of damage, which can help him kill a very easy enemy, as his W skill also destroys the armor. I recommend Vi because he can annoy Nunu a lot, wherever he is.


    This champion can face Nunu and take a lot of damage from him, as her ability E can help her take Nunu’s ability E. Riven can also cancel Nunu’s final ability with his W or the last of the Qs. I recommend Riven, as he can also move around and avoid a lot of things from him.


    This champion doesn’t cancel Nunu’s ultimate, but he can avoid his damage. Fizz’s ability E allows him to be immune. This ability can be thrown when Nunu throws his ultimate or you see that Fizz approaching a bush gets slow.


    This champion has a skill that avoids the first skill she touches her. Sivir’s E skill gives her a shield, which allows her to hold the first skill she touches, turning it into manna. It is very important to throw this ability in Nunu’s ultimate or when he throws his E.


    Sona’s ultimate ability can help avoid Nunu’s ultimate ability from a good position. Also Sona’s W skill can avoid Nunu’s E skill as it is an ice ball with a lot of damage.

    Nunu counter items

    The following objects are the most recommended to maintain a confrontation against Nunu.



    This object immunizes the champion who possesses it when activated. Nunu’s ultimate ability can cause a lot of damage, but thanks to this item you can avoid that big damage. You have to throw Zhonyas quickly, so that Nunu’s ultimate doesn’t hit you.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jawsThis object grants a shield that resists 300+1 of magic damage, when the one who possesses it reaches -30% of its life. Nunu’s abilities are AP and keeping this object he won’t be able to kill you easily, when you reach -30% of life.

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