In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Nautilus. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as he can neutralize, hold or stun. His passive is quite tiresome, as he can immobilize targets touched with his first basic attack. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommended champions to deal with it.

Tips for dealing with Nautilus

  • Use champions with displacements. This will help you dodge Nautilus’s Q or R ability or get away from it, as it’s quite slow. (You can also use the move to a safe zone, if you are the target of his ultimate ability)
  • Don’t be in the middle of your ultimate. The ultimate of Nautilus is a shock wave that throws your enemies into the air, the farther you move away from the one you gave them the more waves will appear.
  • Counter Champions of Nautilus

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Nautilus.


    This champion can counter Nautilus quite easily, as his ultimate ability counter all of Nautilus’ abilities. Olaf’s definitive ability allows him to continue his march, without anyone being able to stop him while this ability is active. I also recommend it, as it can beat you in the jungle or on the TOP line.


    This little one can take on Nautilus on the TOP line and take a big advantage. Gnar and his great skills and both his passive, allow him to maintain a great clash against Nautilus. Gnar’s passive helps him a lot to damage Nautilus in his normal way, as he can hit him from a distance. Also Gnar’s E skill in its normal form allows him to dodge the wave of Nautilus’ ultimate skill. This Gnar’s E ability can dodge that ultimate when addressed to an ally of his.


    This champion can face Nautilus without problems, as he can poke and dodge all of his abilities with a single press of a skill. Vladimir’s W skill allows him to become a pool of blood, which damages enemies in his area and immunizes Vladimir. Nautilus’ Q or R ability will be nothing to Vladimir. I recommend saving this skill, so that when Nautilus tries to catch him with his Q or R.


    This is the ADC that I recommend the most in the game, to face the annoying Nautilus. If the team’s damage is caught, it can be pretty ugly, but with Sivir everything will be different. Sivir can be given a second chance not to get caught, as she has a good skill that allows her to put up with any enemy skill. Sivir’s E skill allows her to endure the Q, E or R of Nautilus, as this skill turns the skills that touch Sivir into manna.


    This champion is quite good against the champions of «Engage», since Janna has a lot of facility to make a «Desengage». Nautilus’ Q skill can catch Janna’s ally or Janna herself, but Janna’s definitive Q skill can prevent her from catching him. Janna’s Q ability is a tornado that throws and stops her enemies and the ultimate ability pushes them back.

    Items (objects) counter of Nautilus

    The following items have to be used against Nautilus to have a better confrontation.



    This object allows the one who possesses it to have immunity, since if it is activated it leaves him immunized without allowing him to receive damage or that he does damage. This object is necessary for the ultimate of Nautilus, since if it is directed this object can avoid major damages.

    Mercury Fajin

    This item can remove any weakness that the possessor is in when activated. The definitive or passive ability of Nautilus is quite annoying, so I recommend this item. It has to be activated when Nautilus’ definitive ability touches them or their passive.

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