In this content we explain how to counter Neeko. This is a champion with peculiar skills that are very useful when making team strategies and are also very annoying, but it is quite possible to counter.

Tips for countering Neeko

  • Use long-distance champions against Neeko, as Neeko’s Q and ulti need the enemy to have a certain distance from her.
  • Use champions who have a lot of mobility. This can be an alternative to using a champion at a distance, champions with mobility can easily dodge Neeko’s attacks.
  • Use Zhonya. If you use this item properly, you can avoid Neeko’s ulti by making her an excellent counter.
  • Neeko counter champions


    With Lux you can counter Neeko very easily, as he is a champion with a long range to use his skills, he can keep pockeando Neeko without taking damage in return. It’s always a good idea to wait until he’s not using the clone so you don’t get confused and be careful if you’re planning to approach him to exploit Lux’s passive against Neeko, as at that point you’d be getting too close to him.


    With Vel’Koz the case is much the same as with Lux, keep the distance by pokeando Neeko with the skills, always with Vel’Koz buy the boots as soon as possible to have the help of that extra movement speed and thus prevent Neeko can reach you easily and not lose line against her.


    XerathXerath is yet another champion who for his rank has the facility to pockear Neeko without receiving damage in return, in addition to that he can send her to base constantly and leave her behind in farm and experience. It is recommended not to pushear too much the line, to take advantage of the rank of this champion and the others and to frizar line to Zonear to Neeko and that this one loses minions.


    ZedZed having so much mobility can without much difficulty avoid the skills of Neeko, also, Zed with his ulti can avoid the ulti of Neeko. Adding also that Neeko is not a champion who endures much, which makes it an easy prey for Zed, however, to be able to counter with Zed to Neeko, you must have at least a minimum knowledge of this champion.


    AhriCon Ahri you can counter Neeko easily because you can maintain with her enough distance not to be damaged by Neeko, another advantage that Ahri has is that with her ulti can escape the ulti of Neeko which makes it one of the best counter of Neeko, mentioning also, that in the face of lines, Ahri can clean the waves of minions more easily and at the same time keep pockeando to Neeko.

    Items with which you can counter Neeko


    ZhonyasIf you are going to play with a magician, it is ideal that you arm yourself with this item to face Neeko, since with Zhonyas you avoid the last of her and that way you can easily counteract her. This is even more useful with champions where you don’t have much mobility and you’re sure they won’t be able to escape from a Neeko ulti.

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