In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Orianna. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as she can combo with most of the champions in this game. The abilities of this champion are quite good, as if she has a champion stunned or without mobility she can catch him without problems. But here I’ll show you how to counter Orianna.

Tips for dealing with Orianna

  • Avoid being in range of your ball. This ability can do you a lot of damage and if you are close to it, you can get caught with its R.
  • Use scrolling champions. This helps a lot to dodge Orianna’s skills.
  • Use good-ranking champions from a distance. Melee champions will not be able to pharm with this champion as an enemy.
  • Orianna counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Orianna, as she has very good skills against her.


    This champion has a great damage and a great ability that help him to beat Orianna very easy. When Nocturne tries to catch Orianna and she sees that Orianna is trying to catch him with her ultimate, she throws her W skill. Nocturne’s W skill allows him a shield that avoids the first skill that touches him.


    If this champion is caught by Orianna, he only throws his ultimate against her to stop her and kill her as a team. If Orianna is caught, she won’t be able to do anything about it, as she is weak to the CC because she won’t be able to throw any skills. Also Malphite can save her allies when Orianna hits her R, throwing her ultimate to enemies to avoid further damage.


    This champion is the one I recommend the most against a confrontation with Orianna. Ahri possesses long distance skill and CC. Also her passive helps her to regenerate her life from Orianna’s attacks. Ahri’s Ultimate cannot stay, as this Ultimate allows her 3 displacements wherever you choose, giving her this opportunity to dodge Orianna’s R.


    This champion is the ADC that I recommend the most against Orianna, since she has displacement in her E skill. When Orianna tries to catch Lucian with her Ultimate, he only throws his E into a safe area to avoid being caught. Also Lucian’s Ultimate can damage Orianna without problems, as she has no displacement.


    This champion I recommend support to give a good peel to yours against an Orianna. Morgana’s E skill allows her to have a shield that prevents any type of CC being thrown and absorbing magic damage. Also Morgana’s Q skill can annoy Orianna, as she can’t dodge very easily.

    Items (objects) counter of Orianna

    The following items have to be used against Orianna to have a better confrontation.


    Zhonyas This item immunizes the champion who owns it when activated. This object can avoid Orianna’s ultimate by just using this item. It is highly recommended to avoid being caught by this skill, as it can be your end.

    Jaws of Marmoltius

    This item gives a shield that absorbs 300+1 magic damage to the champions who possess it when they reach -30% of their life. It is highly recommended, as Orianna’s Ultimate causes a lot of damage and thanks to this item you can resist a little more.

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