In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Ornn. The passive of this champion is very good, since he can improve his item when not in combat and the allies can improve any item, also when they buy in the store. In addition to improvements, he also has very good skills against enemies, allowing him to be a nuisance in the game. But here I’ll recommend you a few champions and give you a few tips to face him without problems.

Tips for dealing with Ornn

  • Use champions with CC. A good stun will prevent Ornn from launching her definitive skill once again.
  • Use scrolling champions. Ornn’s skills are very good and neutralize a lot, but if these alijado of him you can not suffer that.
  • Avoid his W skill. This champion will be able to neutralize and damage you enough, when he completes that skill.
  • Ornn counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Ornn.


    This champion is quite good, as he has very good skills against enemy champions. Trundle’s ability E can avoid Ornn’s ability E, as he can summon a large wall that prevents enemies from passing and Ornn’s ability E allows him to throw himself forward.


    This champion is the one I recommend the most against Ornn, as he has a lot of stamina and is quite good against body to body champions. Ornn will never be able to take advantage of Darius, as he has a lot of damage when his passive reaches the limit. Darius’ E skill can also avoid Ornn’s E skill or his final skill when he wants to throw it again.


    This champion is very good against Ornn, as he is very slow. Anivia’s skills are excellent, as she can avoid some Ornn’s skills. Anivia’s W skill allows him to create an ice wall that prevents everyone from passing, causing Ornn to collide with that skill when he throws his E.


    This champion is the ADC I highly recommend against Ornn, as she possesses great damage and very good skills against him. Vayne the Tank Killer can face Ornn without any problems, as she can push him with her E and pull aside with her Q skill. I recommend Vayne, but don’t let Ornn get too close to you.


    This champion is the support that I recommend more, to give a good peel to his allies of an enemy Ornn. Thresh’s Q and E ability can cause Ornn not to launch his definitive ability again, as he can catch it or move it to do nothing. You can also take your ally out of Ornn’s clutches with your lamp.

    Ornn counter

    items (objects)

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Ornn.

    Mercury Fajin

    Neutralised champions may activate this item to exit any weakness they find themselves in. Ornn’s skills are very tiresome, so I recommend this item to avoid being caught by a skill of his.

    Memories of Lord Dominik

    This object helps to harm more the champions who possess more life than the one who possesses it. Ornn is a tank champion with plenty of life, but this item will help AD champions do more damage to kill him.


    ZhonyasThis object immunizes the champion who possesses it when activated. Ornn’s ultimate ability is very annoying, but thanks to this item you will be able to dodge that ability to avoid further damage. It’s highly recommended.

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