In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Pantheon. This champion and his annoying damage and skills make it very difficult in the game. Since Pantheon has CC on his W, long distance ability on his Q, area damage on his E and a big passive that avoids attack damage when he is hit 4 times. But here I’ll be showing you how to finish him off easily.

Tips for dealing with Pantheon

  • Avoid using champions of little endurance, pantheon in early game has a lot of damage, you can get a kill easily if you do not take this into account
  • Use champion tanks to get armor
  • Arm yourself properly, to avoid damage to your Q
  • Let the allied team not push so much, since Pantheon can fall with his R
  • Pantheon Counter Champions

    The following champions are recommended to face Pantheon. These champions do not need basic damage to damage, this being a plus point for continuing to hit Pantheon with their active passive.


    This champion is very good against body to body champions without mobility. Rumble can decrease the damage of the Pantheon Q with his ability Scrap Shield W. Pantheon being a core-to-body champion with no mobility can go bad against Rumble, as Rumble throws his R and does a huge, easy damage.


    This champion and his good combo can make that Panthéon does not do any damage to this. As we know when Ryze has a rune activated, he is when he hits a Q in his combo he gets armor and movement speed. Also Ryze’s Runic Prison W skill can avoid Pantheon’s R if it is close to him.


    Malphite is pretty good against Pantheon, as it is tank and possesses great damage to disappear Pantheon. Don’t think that Pantheon can eat all the skills with the active passive, they are only basic attacks. Malphite can still damage Pantheon with his Q even if Pantheon has his passive active. If you’re going to use Malphite and see that Pantheon is halfway through his life, attack with your R and fight to finish him off. Malphite can also cancel Pantheon’s R with his ultimate when Pantheon casts it near him.


    Shen and his great abilities absorb a lot of damage to Pantheon. His W ability Shelter of Spirit blocks damage received by Shen or his ally within this ability. When Pantheon attempts to win an allied line only Shen activates his R to the ally where Pantheon goes to protect him. If Pantheon tries to throw his R in front of Shen, he is only throwing his E on Pantheon to cancel his R.

    Pantheon counter items

    Height of Thorns

    This object gives armor and life to the champion who owns it. Also this item, can help counter Pantheon, damaging him when he attacks. It is highly recommended as the first item, if you go with Malphite or Shen of the champions he recommends.

    Edge of the Night

    This item, when channeled in 1.5 sec, provides a shield that blocks the next ability. It is highly recommended for ADCs with mobility or assassins. It is also recommended against Pantheon, as he is attacking with his Q or his W. Night’s Edge can prevent damage to Pantheon’s R.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object can take you out of the Pantheon W CC. It is very necessary if you go ADC, as you can disappear very easily, if Pantheon grabs you with his skill W.

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