In this guide I will show you how to counter Poppy. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as she is a tank and has very good skills against champions with displacements. But here I’ll show you how to counter Poppy, giving you a few tips and recommended champions to face her without much trouble.

Tips for dealing with Poppy

  • Avoid starting a battle with displacements or going out with Poppy body to body. Poppy’s W skill is «Disengage», as it can avoid a fight and it can also be «Engage», as it can initiate a fight.
  • Don’t peel near your allies. Poppy’s ultimate ability can get all hit targets out, so it’s best if they’re a little far away.
  • Avoid the walls. Poppy will always look for a way to adjust the stun angle with her E.
  • Step on the ball that bounces off Poppy’s basic attack. If you let Poppy have her passive, she’ll have a small shield and take some damage.
  • Poppy counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to deal with Poppy smoothly.


    This champion is the one I recommend the most to face Poppy or to help his allies against her. Olaf’s skills are not very good against Poppy, as he can neutralize her, attack with a lot of damage and hold her E or R. Olaf’s ultimate ability allows him to endure any CC or neutralization while this ability is active.


    Kennen’s skills are at a distance, giving little Kennen a big advantage against Poppy. Poppy being slow will never be able to catch Kennen in a fight, and he can stun her and attack more easily. If Poppy is charging his hammer to throw his enemies somewhere else, Kennen can stun and cancel her ultimate ability.


    This champion can stun Poppy to avoid her ultimate ability. Morgana can stop Poppy and endure any CC Poppy gives her, thanks to her ability E. Morgana’s ability E can withstand any neutralization or stunning her enemies give her if activated. It can also be thrown at an ally to save him from a stun that Poppy wants to perform on him.


    The ADC I recommend the most against Poppy is Jinx, this champion has no displacement and is quite good against Poppy. Jinx’s E ability can prevent Poppy’s ultimate ability, as she can catch her enemies. Jinx can also neutralize Poppy with his W skill when Poppy tries to get close with his W or escape.

    Tahm Kench

    This champion can give a good peel to his allies, when it comes to an enemy Poppy. Tahm Kench’s skills make a great counter to Poppy’s skills. Tahm Kench’s W skill can prevent Poppy from throwing her allies against a wall. Poppy’s passive and Q can also stun Poppy to cancel his ultimate. If Poppy throws his ultimate at Tahm Kench and an ally, the ally’s ultimate ability can return him back to where Poppy is or closer to her.

    Poppy counter items

    The following items have to be used against Poppy to have a better confrontation.

    Mercury Fajin

    This item removes from any stun or neutralization the champion who owns it when activated. When Poppy throws the champion who owns it towards a wall, it is necessary to activate this item to avoid further damage. This item cannot prevent Poppy’s ultimate ability.


    ZhonyasThis object can immunize the champion that when activated, when this object is in function does not allow to throw anything while it is immunized. It is very important to activate this item when Poppy wants to launch his definitive skill or when he stuns you on a wall.

    Poppy counter spells

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