In this guide we explain how to counter Pyke. This League of Legends champion has quite interesting skills and brutal damage, however, it’s not difficult to counteract, as he has some weaknesses that you can take advantage of. Below we recommend some tips, methods and champions to be able to counter Pyke easily.

Tips for countering Pyke

  • Confront Pyke with champion tanks with CC. This is due to Pyke although it has a lot of damage, holds very little, below we recommend some.
  • Use champions with engagement, this type of champions can catch Pyke and he could not escape with his invisibility.
  • Some of the champions that can perfectly counter Pyke that have CC and engagement are explained below.
  • Pyke counter champions


    With a Leona E + his Q + ignite + a few basic ADC attacks, Pyke would be dead in a matter of seconds. Leona is a champion who can easily withstand his damage and also put him enough CC to give him time to eliminate him. Another easy way is to catch Pyke with the E just when the jungle comes. If the jungle isn’t planning to go help your line, pin it to go.


    Preferably your ADC doesn’t pushee much, that only focuses on giving the last hit, that way you will always be close to your tower, in that position and with a good pull of Blitzcrank + the fist + an ignite + at least one hit of the tower and two basics of the ADC, Pyke would be easily dead.


    Although Morgana is not a tank and will not withstand as much damage as the previous two, this with its anti CC shield, can prevent Pyke can grab the ADC with the ease that normally does, in addition to being able to counteract with his eternal Q + well.


    TaricIf you use Taric’s ulti well, you can prevent Pyke’s ulti from hurting your ally, and you can counteract it with stun by protecting the ADC and hiring Pyke.

    Recommended items against Pyke


    Fajin-de-Mercurio-itemWith this item you prevent Pyke from pulling the ADC, it becomes even more necessary when there is more than one who wants to grab the ADC.


    Item that must put the support in a situation similar to that of Fajín.