In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Quinn. This champion is one of the most powerful in the game, as she has a lot of damage and great skills that can help her take an easy advantage in a game. Quinn and her passive grant that marked enemies receive 2 basic attacks, the first is a normal attack, but the second brings additional damage to it. But here I’ll show you how to beat Quinn, giving you a few tips and recommending a few champions.

Tips for dealing with Quinn

  • Avoid pushear the line. Mostly this champion is a jungle or TOP and at level 6 she can win any line quickly. Quinn can be from any line and if she is level 6, careful she can give a quick ganke.
  • Use champions with CC. Quinn and her passive can damage with a lot of damage, but a good CC can help catch her and kill her.
  • Avoid Quinn’s Q ability. This ability can blind enemies.
  • He’s trying to hit Quinn in his ultimate. Quinn’s ultimate ability can be cancelled from any hit.
  • Quinn counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Quinn.


    This champion I recommend him against Quinn, as he has a great passive that allows him to withstand damage from basic attacks. Pantheon’s Passive allows him, every 4 basic attacks from him, to give him a shield, which can be very useful against Quinn’s Passive. Pantheon’s skills can also help him win a match.


    This champion is highly recommended against Quinn, as she has a great ability against her. Quinn’s ability E allows her to move backwards and shoot at the target hit by the ability 2 basic attacks. Poppy’s ability is her W, as this ability does not allow any champion to aggressively enter.


    This champion is a murderer, who can disappear a fairly easy paper champion. Zed’s abilities can help her face Quinn and finish her off, as she won’t be able to take Zed’s great damage. It is highly recommended, to face Quinn, as he can kill her without help.


    Quinn will never be able to face Caitlyn, as this champion has a wide range of attacks that help her to take a lot of advantage. Caitlyn’s W skill can catch Quinn quite easily, as she is not a scrolling champion. If Quinn is channeling her ultimate in Caitlyn’s sight, Caitlyn will be able to cancel it with a skill.


    This champion is the most recommended support when facing Quinn, as his skills are good against champions without mobility. If Quinn is caught by Blitzcrank, you have to be sure that she won’t be able to get out of there, as he can silence, raise and bring enemies closer.

    Quinn counter items

    The following items have to be used to maintain a better match against Quinn.

    Presage of Randuin

    This object decreases the attack speed of enemies by 5% by 1sg, each basic attack hitting the possessor. It can also neutralize enemies hit by this item when activated.

    Edge of the Night

    This object can give a shield to the champion who owns it when it is channeled, to allow the first skill that touches it not to affect it. Quinn’s abilities can launch 2 basic attacks, allowing for much more damage, but with this object no more damage will be done and no more damage will be caused.

    Death Fairy Veil

    objetos League of LegendsThis item allows the owner to get a shield, allowing him not to be damaged by the first skill he touches. It is recommended for wizard champions, as Quinn can hit a skill and then launch 2 basic attacks.

    Quinn counter spells

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