Rammus is one of the best jungle champions in the League of Legends. This champion is quite good, as this is one of the most tank in the game, being this a wall of enduring damage from enemies to what faces. Rammus and his passive skills frustrate any opponent that faces him, but here I will show you how to counter this champion and a few tips when facing him.

Tips for dealing with Rammus

  • Use champions with CC and magic penetration and lethality damage
  • He avoids being caught by his E, since it causes the champion to attack him automatically and his own armor to be reduced
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  • If you are an ADC or murderer try to have a life-stealing item against it
  • Don’t face him alone, but you have legality or excellent damage
  • Rammus counter champions

    The following champions are highly recommended against Rammus. Olaf, Shyvana and Cho’Gath are the most recommended in the jungle, to annoy the Rammus jungle and make him lose experience in an intense champion in this area. Morgana is highly recommended for support, as it has a large shield that makes a great counter to the skills of Rammus, being this the salvation of his ADC or ally.


    This champion possesses great damage and a great R, which makes Rammus useless against him. Olaf is the most recommended champion against Rammus, because he can screw up wherever he goes. If you are going to use this champion, you have to know how to steal Rammus jungle targets, because Rammus is too slow taking jungle targets in early and Olaf can farmear much faster.


    This champion can easily render Rammus useless in the jungle. Shyvana to possess a great damage facilitates to this one to make the objectives of the jungle very easy, since it destroys it very fast causing this that when the dragon steals the objects of the jungle of Rammus this one does not have experience and gold to leave ahead in the game. He also has a great R that can blow up walls and escape any situation in which this.


    This one has excellent Rammus skills. Cho’gath can stop Rammus every time he comes with his Q and avoid another skill with his silence. This cho’gath skill can give time to any ally to escape Rammus’s claws, these being one of the first factors that frustrate Rammus in the game.


    This champion possesses a great immunity skill that is her E. Morgana’s E skill, if used properly causes Rammus to use skills on an allied champion in vain. Morgana also has another excellent ability which is her Q, which can stop Rammus when he comes in his Q ability.

    Items (Objects) Rammus counter

    The following items have to be used by the champions who can use it, to prevent Rammus from getting away with it.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    This item can neutralize Rammus in its Q form. It can slow down the speed of this when approaching, to prevent the long range of this.

    Sword of the Ruined King

    This is another object that can facilitate the confrontation against Rammus. It is highly recommended for killer champions or ADCs with mobility. This item reduces the movement speed at which it is activated and gives movement speed to the champion that causes it.

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