In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Lee Sin. This champion and his skills make him very popular, as ganks can be very perfect. He is also very good against champions who use invisibility, as his skills like Q and E can mark enemies and give his whereabouts. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend a few champions so you can face him without any problems.

Tips for dealing with Lee Sin

  • Use scrolling champions. Lee Sin’s Q skill is a ball that hits enemies, allowing him to hit the marked one with a flying kick.
  • Don’t let him catch you. Lee Sin’s goal is to launch the most important enemy team to where their team is.
  • Don’t pushes and keep the map clearly visible. Lee Sin can get very fast where they are and finish off enemies as a team.
  • Don’t use invisible champions against him. Champions who can use invisibility don’t do very well against him.
  • Champions counter of Lee Sin

    The following champions are the most recommended to face him.


    The jungle I recommend to face Lee Sin is Udyr. This champion possesses a stamina and skills that help him hit with great damage. Lee Sin will never win a match against Udyr, as Udyr gains a lot of attack and movement speed. Udyr can stun Lee Sin, when he tries to throw himself with his Q to an ally of his.


    This champion can avoid any Lee Sin gank, save her allies, or save herself from Lee Sin’s claws. Poppy’s W skill can stop enemies who want to enter with a sudden move. Poppy can be close to his ally who was hit by Lee Sin’s Q and activate his W when he tries to enter.


    This champion is another who can avoid a Lee Gank without enough ease, as he possesses a great ability that gives him immunity. If Lee Sin tries to catch Vladimir with his Q, he will only throw his W skill to become a pool of blood and dodge that skill. Lee Sin will never focus on Vladimir as long as Vladimir doesn’t have his W.


    This is the ADC I highly recommend against Lee Sin, as his skills are very good against him. Caitlyn’s W skill allows him to set a small trap that traps and attacks with a large basic attack on those who step on it. If Lee Sin catches Caitlyn with her Q, she can only set a small trap in the area where Lee Sin is coming.


    This champion can give her allies a good peel from Lee Sin’s claws, as Janna is a Disengage champion. The Q skill or Janna’s definitive skill can stop enemies approaching with Engage skills. I recommend Janna as a support, in order to protect her team from Lee Sin.

    Items (objects) counter of Lee Sin

    The following objects are the most recommended to be able to face Lee Sin.



    This object allows the champion who owns it to be immunized, when activated. If Lee Sin tries to hit you with a Q, this object can help you dodge that ability. Also if Lee Sin kicks you towards his allies, this item can prevent her from hurting you in a moment.

    Edge of the Night

    This object, when channeled, grants a shield that avoids the first ability that touches the one that possesses it. If you’re in combat you won’t be able to channel this object, so you have to get out a little and run while you channel it. Lee Sin won’t be able to catch you with his Q if you have this item active.

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