In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Renekton. This is very annoying in League of Legends, as it has great damage, mobility, CC and endurance. This champion’s passive helps him bonus his damage when he finds little life. But here I’ll show you how to end Renekton with a few tips and recommended champions to deal with him.

Tips for dealing with Renekton

  • Use champions with displacements. When Renekton throws his E and touches an allied minion, wait for him to throw his second E to prevent him from catching up with you.
  • Uses CC. This champion has mobility and if not stopped can reach any paper very easily.
  • Play it at a distance. If you do a face-to-face confrontation and it is worn out of life, it can increase its damage and hit you harder.
  • Renekton counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Renekton.


    This champion is quite good against body to body champions, as his healing in his abilities helps him a lot. Trundle’s ultimate steals life, armor and magical resistance from the champions applied to him. When Trundle is within his W skill he can redouble that healing or after 4 seconds. In addition to countering his passive with this healing, he also prevents Renekton from passing with his E ice block.


    This champion can make life impossible for Renekton within the game, as he possesses CC and good distance-range skills. Kennen can poke Renekton from a safe area and when Renekton approaches he can stun. He also has a great skill which is his E which allows him to get away from Renekton.


    This champion can poke Renekton and stop him without problems, as his skills are excellent against him. Ryze’s W skill can stop Renekton without problems. Also Ryze’s Q skill helps him a lot in a fight against him, as it gives him speed and armor, when the rune is loaded.


    This is the ADC that I highly recommend against Renekton, as this is a tank killer and his ultimate will be nothing against her. Vayne can move backwards when he tries to catch him or she pushes him with her E. Vayne’s Ultimate bonuses her damage and gives her movement speed which helps a lot against Renekton.


    This champion’s skills are quite good against Renekton, as he can stop him or resist a lot of damage to him. Alistar’s Q can stop Renekton from any attempt to catch Alistar’s ally. Also the E skill is quite good against Renekton, as he can attack with it in a melee and stun with a basic when charging.

    Renekton counter items

    The following objects have to be used against Renekton, to have a better fight.

    Sword of the Ruined King

    This item gives life theft or immobility to enemy champions when activated against them. This item is quite necessary to use it with ADC champions or assassins to have better confrontation.

    Memories of Lord Dominik

    This item helps to hit harder the champions with more life than the one who possesses it. When Renekton activates his ultimate, he gets quite a bit of life, but thanks to this item a clash against him will be quite easy.

    Call of the Executioner

    This object gives serious wounds to enemy champions when they are hit by the possessor. His Q and R ability allow him to heal, but this item will help decrease that healing by -50%. It is quite necessary to use this item to face him body to body.

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