This champion is quite annoying, as it has a big damage and can delete any champion paper without problems. The passive of this champion helps him a lot, because if he kills his enemies 1 time out of 1 he gets an excessive accumulation of damage. This damage can cause them to lose the game, as their ultimate can give them a great critic when they reach their target. But since all Legue of Legends champions have their weak points, I’ll show you Rengar’s weak point here.

Tips for dealing with Rengar

  • Be careful with fights in the jungle. This champion is pretty good in that area, as he can use the bushes to move with the targets.
  • Stay close to your ally with Rengar’s focus. If you let go of your ally for a moment and Rengar catches him with his ultimate he can easily kill him.
  • Uses CC. The CC has to be used against this champion, when he does not have his W in Ferocity accumulation.
  • Use scrolling. When Regar uses his R, you have to scroll to avoid damage from another ability.
  • Rengar counter champions

    The following champions have to be used against Rengar, as he possesses excellent skills against him.


    This champion has a lot of stamina and a lot of damage against Rengar. Shyvana I recommend her jungle, so that she can annoy Rengar in her jungle, because if she succeeds she can prevent him from taking advantage. When Shyvana kills a dragon he gets more magical resistance and more armor, given this more resistance against Rengar.


    This champion can give a peel to her ultimate Rengar team, thanks to her W skill. Poppy’s W skill allows her to stop enemies with sudden displacements. This skill has to be used the moment Rengar is going to throw himself with his Ultimate or from a bush.


    This champion makes a great counter to Rengar, because if it detects it can trap him in the air or when he tries to approach. Morgana’s Q skill can save life when Rengar activates his ultimate. Rengar won’t be able to do anything with a Morgana as an enemy, as his Q annoys him quite a bit.


    This champion is the ADC I highly recommend against Rengar, as her ultimate helps her a lot. When Rengar is near Vayne you have to use R-Q quickly, as this gives invisibility and allows Rengar not to do much damage to her. Also if you detect Rengar quickly he can use the E skill to bring him back.


    When Rengar launches with his ultimate or from a bush, Braum can stop him with his R. The ultimate of Braum can make a great counter to the ultimate of Rengar. The ultimate Braum has to be thrown on the champion ally in which Rengar is the focus. You have to be fast for when Rengar jumps to get caught.

    Rengar counter

    items (objects)

    The following items have to be used against Rengar to have a better confrontation.


    This object has to be used against Rengar, as it can immunize the possessor when activated. When Rengar throws his R this item has to be used at the moment that Rengar is going to jump, in order to avoid that damage and lose the ultimate.

    Ice Queen Proclamation

    This object can detect Rengar within its ultimate or from any other zone. If you throw this item at the moment Rengar tries to attack with his R, this object will be able to slow down Rengar’s movement speed and detect it.

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