In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Riven. This champion called Riven has good damage and extremely good skills because in these skills has reach, protection and stunning that complicate things, but here I will teach you how to counter Riven.

Tips for easily countering Riven

  • Use champions of good pokeo.
  • Armate what you need and don’t run out of life on the line.
  • Use champions with «CC» or fast pharming.
  • Riven counter champions

    These next champions defeat Riven with their good mechanics I recommend them.


    This champion is the number 1 in Riven’s counter, as with his stamina and skills they beat Riven in a fight. Garen full tank is unstoppable on Riven and his skills in combination of (Q) and (E) spoil Riven.


    This champion possesses great damage and endurance over Riven. Olaf can fight 1vs1 against Riven without her being able to do anything.


    Poppy possesses good skills to counter Riven being one of the most recommended to go top against this Riven. You can also take Riven out to prevent any murder of this against an ally.


    This electric champion has good pokeo and can be used against Riven to seek the death of this. If Riven tries to attack Kennen this one stops in dry with his stun activating his last.

    Riven counter items

    «Zhonyas» if used at the precise moment avoids a delete of Riven.Zhonyas

    «Crystal Scepter» slows down Riven by preventing her from quickly approaching the target.

    Riven counter spells

  • Extenuar avoids slowing down Riven.
  • Ignite reduces the theft of life from your item and also the shield of your (E).
  • Flash pulls out fast from any Riven delete attack.
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