In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Sejuani. This champion possesses great abilities, since with them she can neutralize the enemies. Sejuani is used jungle, because with his abilities he can give an excellent help to his companions. But as all League of Legends champions have their weaknesses, here I’ll show you what Sejuani’s weaknesses are.

Tips for dealing with Sejuani

  • Use scrolling champions. Sejuani has a great range in his ultimate that can catch enemies from a good distance.
  • Avoid being stunned if you use a paper champion. Sejuani’s passive can cause more damage to immobilized champions.
  • It avoids the accumulation of frost, being alone. Sejuani and his 100% frost accumulation, can freeze an enemy with his skill E from a good distance, making it an easy prey for the trapped enemy.
  • Don’t hang out with your classmates too close. Sejuani’s ultimate ability can catch them all at once.
  • Sejuani counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to counter Sejuani.


    This champion possesses great damage and definitive skill, which can also help a lot in a game against Sejuani. Olaf’s definitive ability allows him to be immune to any immobility thrown at him. Olaf is the champion I highly recommend in the jungle, so that he can face Sejuani.


    This champion I recommend TOP, as he has very good skills, damage and enough life thanks to his ultimate ability. Renekton’s E skill can help dodge Sejuani’s ultimate skill, as it allows him a short move and can be repeated if he touches an enemy. Renekton’s ultimate ability can also increase his life and prevent him from being easily killed when Sejuani catches him.


    This champion can be a nightmare for Sejuani, as her abilities counteract hers. Morgana’s Q ability can prevent Sejuani from approaching with her Q ability, as she can shift. Morgana’s ability E is also a shield that prevents any immobility being thrown at the shield holder.


    The ADC that I recommend most against tanks is Vayne, as its great damage can knock down a tank without much work. Sejuani has quite a lot of CC, but if with Vayne you have good mobilities and good items he can defeat Sejuani. If you use Vayne, just avoid Sejuani’s utimate, as if Vayne is caught she can be bad enough for the team.


    The support that I recommend most to give a good support to the team, is Leona. The ability Q and E can catch the enemy damage, to avoid that the ally caught by Sejuani is killed. Also Leona’s ultimate ability can prevent an attack by enemies after Sejuani’s ultimate.

    Items (objects) counter of Sejuani

    The following items have to be used, to have a good confrontation against Sejuani.

    Mercury Boots

    League of Legends objects

    These boots are highly recommended against champions who have enough CC, as does Sejuani. The passive boot reduces the duration of stunning, immobility, provocations, fears, silences and blindness by 30%.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness in which the possessor finds himself when activated. Sejuani’s Q, E and R skills allow them to capture their enemies, but thanks to this object they will have a second chance to escape.



    This object immunizes champions who possess it when activated. Sejuani’s ultimate ability can trap his enemies and leave them trapped for a moment, but this item can help them dodge or when they are caught they will not be damaged.

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