In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Shaco. This is a very annoying champion, because when he’s in the game you can’t push the line much but he can win. But here I’ll show you how to beat Shaco by recommending a few champions and giving you some tips, to destroy Shaco.

Tips for dealing with Shaco

  • Always keep the vision. If you pusheas much the line without vision to Shaco will become easier.
  • Never run away from Shaco. Shaco’s passive is a big critical hit when he attacks you from behind.
  • Use champions that leave marks. If Shaco launches his R you’ll know who Shaco is by the mark you left him.
  • Shaco counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Shaco.

    Lee Sin

    This champion is the most recommended to finish off Shaco in the Jungle. Lee Sin is necessary in the game, because with his Q or his E you can know where Shaco is and also differential which is the real one. If Shaco mistakenly throws his Q first with Lee Sin’s E mark, the team will know who Shaco is.


    This is another small one that can help a lot in detecting Shaco. Gnar leaves a mark on the enemy that he touches with his basic attacks that explode when they are 3 hits. If Shaco throws his R having Gnar’s mark everyone will know who Shaco is. Gnar can also move away from Shaco and in the form of Mega-Gnar stop him from stabbing him in the back.


    Thanks to your Q you can also help detect Shaco. Akali’s Q is a very good skill against Shaco, as it marks him. If Shaco throws his R and Akali doesn’t know who he is, he just throws his W skill to wait for a weird moment that makes the real Shaco.


    This other champion is the ADC I highly recommend against Shaco, as he has CC that can catch Shaco and a great mark on his W and E. Varus’ W applies infection to enemies leaving him a mark as an effect that helps detect Shaco on his R. Also if Shaco throws his R while he was hit by Varus’ E before, the serious wound mark will help detect it.


    This is the support I highly recommend against Shaco to protect his allies. Braum and its great passive helps to detect Shaco, when he is launching his R. Also the skill E of Braum can make Shaco faye the attacks of the W and his E. It is highly recommended to help in touching Shaco.

    Shaco counter items

    The following items have to be used against Shaco to face him.

    Ice Queen Proclamation

    This object sends 2 ghosts to detect nearby enemies, neutralizing the enemy and giving vision to the allied team. If Shaco is waiting to attack and enters with his Q, this object helps to detect him and know where he is.

    Presage of Randuin

    This object blocks -20% of the critical damage to the possessor. It also neutralizes enemies that are in range when activated. Shaco and his passive will not be of great damage, as it will block 20% of the damage.

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