Here I’ll be showing you how to counter the annoying Shen. This League of Legends champion is very good, as he has good skills and a great stamina that help him a lot in the game. Shen and his R can save an ally from the claws of an enemy and can also participate in a dive. But here I’ll give you a few tips and a few recommended champions to end this champion.

Tips for dealing with Shen

  • Don’t fight him within his ability W
  • Try not to get caught with his ability E
  • Use champions with CC by the time he throws his R in front of you
  • Ten full pokeo champions
  • Counter Shen Champions

    The following champions are the most recommended when it comes to ending Shen. If you have a lot of experience with one of the champions that I recommend you use it to finish with the easiest.


    This champion has a lot of resistance against Shen, as he has good skills that counteract his skills. Swain can face Shen very easily and the best thing he can do is to cancel his R with only one skill that is his W. Shen will not be able to do anything, as he can poke a lot of Shen.


    This champion and his great pokeo is highly recommended to put an end to Shen. Jayce can also cancel the R for Shen with his E skill in the form of a hammer. This champion takes a lot of advantage in the line and can take advantage of a very easy Shen, thanks to his skills at a distance and body to body do a great damage to Shen that can cause death quickly.


    Trundle is another champion with excellent skills and a great speed of movement and attack when he activates his W. His damage and neutralization can end up with Shen very quickly, as this is a nuisance in the line because basically no one escapes him. Trundle can also cancel the R for Shen when he throws his skill E (Ice Pillar).


    This little one is highly recommended against Shen. Kennen only plays pokeo and full back, as Shen is slow this little one can beat a very easy Shen. Kennen can cancel the ultimate Shen with his passive. This passive by being hit 3 times to a target with abilities can be electrified (stunned) to which the passive accumulates.

    Items (Objects) Shen counter

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    Spells neutralize 20% of the opponent’s movement speed. This object is quite good against Shen, since a magician can use it this item can neutralize more Shen, because we know that this one is slow and thanks to this item Shen will not be able to reach or escape from you.

    Mercury Fajin

    This item eliminates all opponent control weaknesses. If Shen catches you this item can save you from a Shen team delete. This item has to be activated quickly when Shen catches you with his E, in order to get out of that terrible situation.

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