In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Singed. This champion just keeps running, evening and throwing back the League of Legends champions. If Singed is difficult for you in the game, I’ll give you a few tips and which champions to use to finish him off.

Tips for dealing with Singed

  • Never chase Singed
  • If you are an ADC or a paper champion, avoid being pulled by him (Have good position)
  • Arm yourself with lethality and life stealing if you’re AD. If you are magic resistance tank
  • Use champions with CC, mobility or good pokeo to avoid doing trades where you get hurt
  • Singed counter champions

    The following champions are highly recommended. These champions possess good skills that help to counter Singed and finish him very easily.


    This little one has very good skill with CC, which helps to end up with Singed easy. Kennen also with his big pokeo annoys Singed leaving him in his tower. He also has a great ability that moves away from Singed when he is trying to pull him back which is his ability E. Kennen with his CC is good enough to keep Singed from getting close.


    Gnar is another little guy who annoys Singed with his damage from a distance. This champion has good skills to counter Singed in his 2 bodies. If you were to use Gnar only pokea so that you can farmear and take much advantage to this one. I recommend you to arm yourself well against Singed and make a good combination with your jungle when they try to gank you.


    This champion has very good skills to face Singed. When Vladimir is pulled back by Singed and putting himself in danger, Vladimir only activates his Blood Pool W. Vladimir also pokea Singed and healing his life when he is exhausted. Singed will not be able to do anything to Vladimir so it is highly recommended.


    This champion pokees Singed and can save herself from being with her R or W. Kayle has pokeo skills that are her E and healing skills that are her W. When Kayle sees Singed trying to get close she is only hit with a Q to neutralize him. Kayle with her R can save herself or an ally role when they are pulled by Singed.

    Singed counter

    items (Objects)

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jaws

    This item helps stop Singed’s magic damage when your champion is below 30% of his life. It is highly recommended for melee champions with AD damage. This item will save you from Singed’s magic damage.

    Edge of Infinity

    Edge of Infinity

    Since we know Singed is a tank, this object will help cause more damage to him. This item causes his critical damage to increase 50% more, being a good item against him. It is highly recommended for ADCs or Critical Damage Killers.

    Sword of the Ruined King

    This item is pretty good against Singed. Since Singed is tank is object is pretty good against tanks and much more when you need life robbery in the game. This item also gives you movement speed and decreases the opponent’s movement speed.

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