In this guide I will be showing you how to counter the annoying Sion. This League of Legends champion can stay hitting after dying thanks to his passive. In addition to continuing to help his team in battle when he dies he can catch his enemies with his Q or R. But as all League of Legends champions have their weaknesses, here I’ll show you which are Sion’s weaknesses.

Tips for dealing with Sion

  • Use champions with mobility. Mobility can help you dodge Zion’s Q, E or R skills.
  • It is necessary to have CC. If in case Sion throws his Q, the CC can help you cancel that ability. It also helps against Sion’s passive, as he can do damage while he is dead.
  • Stay in good position when you hear the ultimate noise of Sion. If you stand in front of it, it could catch you and you could easily die.

Counter Champions of Sion

The following champions have to be used against Sion, to have a better confrontation.


This champion makes a great counter to Sion, as he can avoid the ultimate of him or cancel his Q. The ability that helps Trundle to annoy Sion is his E. Trundle’s ability E summons a giant block of ice that can impede the passage of Sion’s ultimate. Also if this ability is launched at the moment Zion charges his Q, it can set Zion aside to cancel it.


The moment Sion launches his ultimate, Poppy can launch his W to stop Sion. Poppy’s W skill can save her team or herself from the great CC that brings Sion’s ultimate skill. This ability has to be used at that moment, if you lose it Sion can take advantage of that cooling and kill your allies. Poppy’s E also helps with Sion’s passive, as it can push him aside.


This champion can avoid Sion’s Q, E, R or Passive abilities by just using his W. Vladimir’s W ability makes him immune for a few seconds, giving him this advantage against Sion. He can also be cured if he does not have this ability while Sion is in his passive, if Vladimir is moving away from Sion and he with his passive ability E can neutralize the movement speed.


This champion can face the enemy tanks, as they have great damage and excellent skills that helps face Sion. Vayne’s ability E can cancel Sion’s Q or move him away when he is in his passive. Also using a fast R-Q combo can make Sion not reach her with her ultimate ability.


This champion can give a great peel to his team against Sion, but can also face him without problems. Nautilus’ passive can help to cancel Sion’s Q or stop him when he is in his passive. If Sion reaches the ally role of Nautilus he can launch his ultimate ability to prevent him from being killed.

Items (objects) counter of Sion

The following items have to be used against Zion.


ZhonyasThis item makes the champion who owns it immune when activated. If you see Sion hit you with his definitive Q or ability, this item can prevent you from taking that CC and give you a chance to escape. It is recommended for magicians roles.

Death Fairy Veil

League of Legends ItemsThis item protects its owner from the first ability to touch it. If Sion hits his ultimate, this item can hold that ability and pretend nothing happened. It’s also good for holding Sion’s Q from a bush.

Edge of the Night

This item gives a shield to the one who has it when it is channeled. When you hear the noise of the ultimate of Sion you can channel this item. When you channel this item and Sion arrives at its ultimate it will not be able to stun, as it makes you immune to the first skill that touches you.

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