In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Swain. This League of Legends champion is a problem, when we face him, as he can regenerate his life with his ultimate. In addition to regenerating life, he can also neutralize or trap his enemies with his Q and W skills. But here I’ll show you how to kill Swain.

Tips for dealing with Swain

  • Don’t fight body to body with him where there are allied minions. Swain’s passive and ultimate can help him win the fight, as he can have mana and life.
  • Use scrolling champions. This will help you dodge Swain’s Q and W skills and move away from your ultimate.
  • It is necessary to use champions at a distance. Swain’s skills are best against melee champions.
  • Swain counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Swain.

    Lee Sin

    This champion is the most recommended jungle, to be able to face Swain without problems. Lee Sin has excellent skills to face Swain such as his W and R. Lee Sin’s W skill can help him dodge Swain’s Q or W skills. The ultimate of Lee Sin can remove Swain so that he can no longer regenerate his life.


    This champion possesses a great passive that can destroy Swain without problems, also possesses a great ultimate that is unstoppable against Swain. Olaf’s passive increases his attack speed for every % of life he lacks. Olaf’s W skill also helps him regenerate his life, which is a good place to destroy Swain.


    This champion can face Swain without problems, as she has very good skills against Swain. Swain against the abilities of Anivia will never be able to get close, because if she tries it she catches it with her Q or stops it with her W. Also the ultimate of Anivia helps Swain to lose life and to be slowed down, because if it is caught it will not be able to be cured with its ultimate.


    This champion is the ADC I highly recommend against Swain, as she can attack from a good position and defend with her W or R. Tristana’s W skill helps her dodge skills she wants to throw Swain. Also Tristana’s ultimate prevents him from approaching, as it is a cannonball that propels him backwards.


    This champion can help give a great peel to your team when it comes to an enemy Swain. Alistar can take out Swain with his W or stop him with his Q, to prevent him from healing with his ultimate. These skills can help keep Swain in an area for Alistar’s allies to finish him off from a good position.

    Swain counter items

    The following items have to be used against Swain to have a good confrontation.

    Call of the Executioner

    This item gives serious wounds to enemy champions when they are hit by the possessor. This item can help Swain’s ultimate healing to be less, as serious wounds decrease it by -50%.


    When enemy champions reach -35% of life, enemies get serious injuries. Serious injury helps Swain not recover with his ultimate. It is very necessary for wizards to face Swain.

    Mercury Fajin

    This item removes any stun or neutralization given to the champion who owns it when activated. Swain and his Q or W abilities neutralize and stop enemy champions. It is highly recommended for champions such as ADC or assassins.

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