In this guide we explain step by step how to counter the champion Sylas, the champion who stands out for his ability to copy the last of the other champions. There are several efficient ways to counter this champion, in this content we will explain them to you.

General tips for dealing with Sylas

  • Most champions at a distance can counteract him, as Sylas is short range and this one has a hard time defending against very long distance skills.
  • The CC as always does not stop being against good Sylas.
  • Sylas has the ability to heal too much, so it is widely recommended items that affect his healing, such as Call of the Executioner, Morello and Mortal Reminder, also ignition helps considerably against his healing.
  • Don’t get too close in the minion groups. This is because Sylas usually wipes the minion waves with her chain attack. If she sees you standing next to the waves, she’ll attack you without thinking about it, because she’s wiping out the wave as well as attacking you.
  • Sylas counter champions


    If you use Lux correctly Sylas will have no way of touching her and neither of stealing her ulti, as Lux can keep a lot of distance from her enemy and pockearlo constantly.

    We recommend that you use basic attacks to farmear and frizar the line in between and only use your skills to pockear Sylas the moment he approaches to farmear.


    Orianna like the previous one has a lot of facility to counter Sylas because she has a good range of distance and at the same time has very good defense with her ball, keep the ball close to the minions while das last hit keeps Sylas zoned and is difficult to farmear considerably.


    Jayce can be a good counter against Sylas, because in addition to being a long distance champion has good speed of movement to easily avoid the ulti of Sylas, plus you can occasionally pockearlo with the Q of Jayce.


    With Taliyah in addition to the fact that you can keep his distance from him and constantly pockete him, you can also keep him at bay by pushing him away with the stones.

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