In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Teemo. This is too annoying a champion, as he has very good skills. Teemo has abilities of Q blindness, W movement speed and poisoning in his E. These abilities are very good in a 1vs1 confrontation. Also no, we forget Teemo’s R, which annoys any area of the map by damaging champions for a while and neutralizing their movement speed. But here I’ll give you a few tips and show you a few champions to put an end to Teemo.

Tips for dealing with Teemo

  • Use champions with area damage. This helps a lot when Teemo hides inside a brush.
  • Try to have CC. If Teemo is trapped he will not be able to reach the ADC and thus do more harm to Teemo.
  • Don’t use champions that don’t have area damage. It is better to use area damage champions because of their invisibility.
  • Teemo counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Teemo.

    Lee Sin

    This champion is very good against a Teemo, as he possesses very good skills that can detect Teemo within any brush or in his state of invisibility in any area. Lee Sin can cover the area with his E or Q, to detect Teemo and kill him. I recommend this jungle champion to make him a champion and finish Teemo off before he gets away with it.


    This is the tank that can end up with Teemo very easily. As we know the Q of Cho’gath lifts enemies and slows them down when they fall. This Cho’Gath Q skill can go a long way to detect Teemo inside a brush and see him when he is hit. I recommend Cho*gath TOP and just wait for help from your allied jungle to finish Teemo off.


    Thanks to the abilities of this champion we can also detect and finish off Teemo. When Brand burns Teemo with his passive he comes out of his invisibility and when this happens he can make a combo to hit the explosive fire wheel. Brand covers a good area with his spells, so he can finish Teemo off. I recommend MID.


    As we know, Teemo’s Q causes blindness and hinders the basics of the ADC or any other champion. Ezreal is affected by Teemo’s Q but not by so much, as Ezreal’s Q is long distance and doesn’t need to face a Teemo. Ezreal’s spells also help to hit Teemo from any brush he’s in, as they are of good area.


    This champion can avoid Teemo’s blindness and slowing of his mushrooms but not the damage. thanks to Morgana’s E shield the allied ADC or any champion who is hit by Teemo’s Q will have no difficulty damaging Teemo with his basics. Morgana can also catch and damage Teemo inside a brush to help detect him. I recommend her support, as she can give her ADC a good peel against Teemo.

    Items (Objects) counter by Teemo

    The following items (Objects) have to be used when facing Teemo.

    Death Fairy Veil

    League of Legends objects

    This item prevents the first skill that touches the possessor. This object can avoid the R of Teemo or the Q. This item is highly recommended, as Teemo with his mushroom does enough damage and thanks to this object will not send you to heal again.

    Edge of the Night

    This object provides a shield that prevents the first skill that touches the possessor from having no effect. This item must first be channeled to face Teemo, in order to avoid his R or Q.


    ZhonyasThis object immunizes the champion who owns it when activated, causing it not to be hit or thrown while activated. Zhonyas can save you from a Teemo mushroom when you are hit.

    Teemo counter spells

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