In this guide I will show you how to counter Thresh. This is a champion that if you are very careless against him can lose very easily, as Thresh attracts them to their allies to kill him and take advantage. Thresh is a very good support, as he has too many good skills to help win a game quickly.

Tips for dealing with Thresh

  • Keep a safe area. Thresh can catch you with his Q and they can do you a lot of damage, even cause you death.
  • Use champions with mobility. This will help dodge Thresh’s Q.
  • Don’t chase Thresh with his allies alive and without vision. It may be that he escapes easily with his Q with the objectives of the jungle or take you into a trap.
  • Thresh counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended, as they possess very good skills against Thresh.


    This is the jungle champion I recommend when it comes to ending Thresh. Amumu although he is a tank and has very good skills can help counter Thresh. Amumu and his Q and R can cobble Thresh’s W lamp, as the CC containing that Amumu skill does not allow Thresh’s ally to touch the lamp.


    Here I have the TOP recommended to go against Thresh. If Thresh catches Singed it won’t be as good as we might say, as Singed pollutes the air and the champions behind him, like when Thresh throws his Q behind it would do him a lot of damage. Also Singed’s ability E can remove the distance of Thresh’s ally’s lamp.


    Ahri is the MID champion she recommended the most. This champion has 2 good skills that are very good against Thresh who is her E and R. Ahri can catch Thresh when he hits her Q on an ally of hers to cause Thresh not to throw if E. Ahri’s R helps enough to dodge Thresh’s Q, as this skill gives her fast moves.


    The most recommended ADC is Sivir. This champion also has a great pokeo, can also be saved from the claws of Thresh. Sivir possesses a very good ability that is her E that when activated in time can avoid the Q of Thresh saving her to an ally or herself from that ability.


    This champion would like to be pulled by Thresh, as he can get closer to the enemy ADC and catch him. Alistar has to go support, as he can also give a good peel to his Thresh allies. If Thresh pulls an Alistar ally, he only uses his Q and takes Thresh out by sending him through the air. He can also take Thresh’s allies away from his lamp.

    Items (Objects) counter of Thresh

    The following items (objects) have to be used against Thresh.

    Death Fairy Veil

    League of Legends objectsThis item avoids the first skill that touches the possessor. Thanks to this object Thresh will not be able to catch the one that has it, since this item provides a shield that when it hits the first ability of Thresh that can be a Q will not be hit.

    Edge of the Night

    This object gives a shield of immunity from a first attack to the one who possesses it when channeled. This object must be used before fighting Thresh, as it takes 3 sec to channel the shield in order to avoid the Q of Thresh or any ability.

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