In this guide I will show you how to counter Trundle. This is a champion that is a nuisance, as it has a lot of damage, healing and incredible movement speed. But as all League of Legends champions have their weaknesses here I’ll show you what Trundle’s weakness is.

Tips for dealing with Trundle

  • Don’t fight him indoors. Trundle can move fast and being closed will be better for him.
  • Use champions with mobility. Trundle may block your way with his ice block, but if you’re mobile you can get out of there fast.
  • Use champions with CC. This will help Trundle not to move easily.
  • Trundle counter champions

    The following champions have to be used when facing Trundle, as they have very good skills against him.


    This champion is highly recommended against Trundle, as she has mobility, endurance and CC. Sejuani recommended her jungle to help the ally who is facing Trundle, so they can beat him easier. When Sejuani sees Trundle attack the ADC or the role of Sejuani’s team, she only throws her Q or R to stop it.


    This champion I recommend to face Trundle. Kennen being at a distance and having ability with CC and mobility can be very good for him against Trundle. Kennen mercilessly poke Trundle to cause him to lose farm and win the easiest line. When Trundle starts a fight, Kennen can stop him and kill him very easily as a team.


    While Trundle pays R to Vladimir this one is healing with his skills. Vladimir I recommend him because he has too much resistance against Trundle, as he can be immune, neutralize in area and attack with his Q at a distance. Trundle won’t be able to do anything to Vladimir, as his skills help him a lot.


    This is the ADC I highly recommend against Trundle, as it has very good skills against him. Caitlyn and his traps can stop Trundle and attack with ease. Also Caitlyn and his wide range of attacking power makes it quite easy for him to attack Trundle. I recommend her with a CC and peel support.


    This champion can give a very good protection to her team as well as her ADC against Trundle. Sona has very good skills against Trundle as is her Q which can pokear and allow the ally who is close to Sona to get a powerful attack as well. Sona’s E helps a lot to reach or take the allies out of Trundle’s claws, as we know that Trundle is fast this ability of Sona together with her R can easily save her allies.

    Items (Objects) counter of Trundle

    The following items help a lot when it comes to facing Trundle.

    Call of the Executioner

    This item inflicts serious injuries on enemy champions when they are hit. Called the Executioner is a good item against Trundle, as the passive, W and R of Trundle heal it. This item will help reduce that healing by 50%, so that they do not have so complicated things against him.


    This object causes serious injuries when the enemy has 35% of his life. This item has to be used, as it helps a lot in decreasing Trundle’s healing. The passive, E and R of Trundle will be nothing when he has 35% of life.

    Trundle counter spells

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