In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Tryndamere. This champion is impossible to fight alone or much less body to body, as it has a great passive that provides more critical blows and deadly blow each time you hit a basic. But here I’ll show you how to stop Tryndamere, giving you a few tips and showing you a few of his counter champions.

Tips for dealing with Tryndamere

  • Don’t fight him body to body without CC. The CC is very necessary to apply it against Tryndamere to prevent him from throwing his R.
  • Use champions at a distance and with mobility. It is better to fight Tryndamere at a distance.
  • Don’t use your great damage skill as it can be your definitive one, when he has his R. It is quite important to know at what time he will have his R. Level 6 takes 1:50 sec, level 11 1:40 sec and level 16 1:30 sec.
  • When Tryndamere throws his W don’t peel him. This ability reduces the damage of the enemies that are affected.
  • Tryndamere counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended against Tryndamere.


    This champion is very good against AD champions, as his skills help him a lot to face them. Rammus’s W increases his armor and returns a percent of the damage he takes. If Tryndamere tries to escape from Rammus it won’t be so easy, as Rammus’s Q can reach him wherever he goes.


    In a 1vs1 combat it is necessary to use this champion, since Tryndamere’s passive is to increase his anger in order to make his basics more powerful. But Pantheon’s passive makes a great counter to Tryndamere’s passive, as this passive every 4 attacks gets a shield that blocks the next basic attack he receives. Pantheon’s W can also prevent Tryndamere from launching his ultimate.


    This champion can poke Tryndamere quite easily and stop him from any attempt to get close. Ryze’s passive Q skill allows him armor and movement speed, giving him a huge advantage against Tryndamere. I recommend this champion in order to put an end to Tryndamere and prevent him from getting away with it.


    If you need an ADC to finish Tryndamere, the one I recommend the most is Vayne. This champion can attack Tryndamere from a distance and push him with her E skill when he tries to hit her. Tryndamere and Vayne have extensive damage from basic attacks that can lead to champion roles as well as tanks. But Vayne takes a lot of advantage, as he is at a distance and possesses abilities like invisibility and CC.


    This champion can stop Tryndamere, to protect her allies from him. Leona with her Q and R can avoid the ultimate Tryndamere if killed while in this CC. Being Tryndamere body to body, being Leona on guard protecting his allies from him, Tryndamere will not be made easy to reach his target thanks to his abilities that are his Q, E and R.

    Items (objects) counter of Tryndamere

    The following items have to be used against Tryndamere.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    This item slows the movement speed of champions who are hit by a damage skill. As Tryndamere is melee, slowing his movement speed will make him a nuisance and he won’t be able to reach his targets very easily.

    Heart of Ice

    This object decreases the attack speed of the enemy that hits the possessor. Tryndamere and its items are attack speed to regenerate its anger, having this item those fast basic attacks will become 5% of that speed.

    Call of the Executioner

    This reduces healing, as it inflicts serious wounds on beaten enemies. Tryndamere is a champion who possesses life stealing and also his Q who can heal him. Having this item will not cure enough, so I recommend it.

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