In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Twisted Fate. This is a very annoying champion, because with his cards he can choose anyone and attack. The yellow is a card that stuns the target it was thrown at. The Red one allows a powerful damage in area and the blue one regenerates a little the mana. Also, this champion can help any ally that is in any area of the map. But here I’ll show you how to beat him by recommending a few champions and advice on how to face him.

Tips for dealing with Twisted Fate

  • He avoids his random cards. This skill allows you to choose a card, but if you see that you are going to choose that skill again, the first card that will come out will be the one that you had thrown before.
  • Use champions with CC. The definitive ability of this champion, allows him to appear in a zone that he selected, but having CC you can escape or neutralize it so that it does not damage.
  • Use scrolling champions. His Q skill allows him to throw 3 cards into 3 different zones at the same time. Having scrolling you might be luckier to dodge them.
  • Counter Champions of Twisted Fate

    The following champions are the most recommended to face him.


    This champion I recommend jungle to screw up Twisted Fate’s life in whatever line he’s in. Amumu’s Q ability or his ultimate ability can cancel the ultimate of Twisted Fate when he can see it. Also if Twisted Fate throws his R into an area that Amumu is close by, he can still catch it.


    This champion can hold any card Twisted Fate throws at him thanks to his passive. Pantheon’s passive allows him to withstand any basic attack and is activated every 4 strokes. Twisted Fate’s W skill allows you to choose between 3 cards, but if Pantheon has his passive skill he won’t be able to hit Pantheon for his shield, as that attack will be basic.


    This champion can face Twisted Fate and take a lot of advantage, as his skills help him a lot. Fizz’s ultimate skill can be thrown at the place where Twisted Fate is going to appear. Also Fizz’s ability E can avoid any card that wants to throw Twisted Fate to him.


    This is the ADC I highly recommend when it comes to finishing off Twisted Fate. This champion has excellent skills that can help him keep up a fight against him. Lucian’s ultimate skill can be thrown to the place where Twisted Fate throws his ultimate, causing him a lot of damage when he appears.


    This champion as a support can help stop Twisted Fate from getting away with it. Leona’s ultimate ability can be thrown into the ultimate of Twisted Fate when he shows up, leaving him trapped and helpless. Twisted Fate is weak against champions with CC, as he can’t dodge many things that throw him.

    Twisted Fate counter items

    Mercury Fajin

    This object can remove any CC that has been given to the owner when activated. The W ability of Twisted Fate, but in the yellow card can stun the target that was thrown, but thanks to this item nothing will happen. This item is recommended for ADCs or assassins.

    Malmortius jaws

    This item allows a shield that holds 300+1 magic damage, when the champion who owns it reaches -30% of life. Twisted Fate has a lot of magic damage, this item can help you avoid heavy damage from this champion.


    This object allows the champion who owns it to be immune to everything when activated. When Twisted Fate launches his final skill and will appear on the dot mark, it will always come with a card in hand to do more damage to you with the red one or catch you with the yellow one.

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