In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Udyr. This is a pretty good champion, as he has combinations that help him win any melee. Each combination of these increases his movement speed, which helps him reach his enemies or targets more easily. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend a few champions to put an end to it.

Tips for dealing with Udyr

  • Use champions with CC. Udyr’s combinations are quite annoying, if he is not stopped in time he can do his own.
  • Don’t make him body to body if you’re paper. This champion can do a lot of damage and at the same time hold on, as his Q increases his attack speed and his W increases his hold. Also the cooling of his spells and his passive help him a lot.
  • Keep the map saved and close to your damage ally. If you lose Udyr from sight he can make the jungle targets fast, also if you move away from your allies you can be an easy prey.
  • Udyr counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Udyr.


    This champion has a great passive and excellent skills to be able to face Udyr anywhere. Olaf’s Q slows the movement speed of enemies when they are hit. This ability can help Udyr not escape or reach Olaf. Olaf’s ultimate also makes him a great counter to Udyr’s W skill, as when Udyr turns into a turtle his first attack stuns the enemy.


    Trundle can increase his movement speed in a zone with his W ability and increase his healing. Also Trundle’s Q or E can slow enemies’ movement speed when applied. The ultimate of Trundle can help you in a confrontation, as it can be cured and have armor and magic resistance of the enemy to whom this ability was implanted.


    This champion also has excellent skills that help in a confrontation against Udyr. Kayle’s passive removes armor and magic resistance with each attack, this passive can accumulate 5 times each attack removes -3% of armor and resistance. Kayle’s Q ability can also slow the movement speed by giving this a key point to counter Udyr and his passive.


    Ashe’s passive is pretty good against Udyr’s passive. This passive can slow enemies down with each attack and will be much greater when it is a critical attack. Also Ashe’s W skill can shoot arrows to slow down. The ultimate of this champion is also a nuisance for Udyr, because if he is neutralized he will have a hard time.


    The most recommended support against Udyr is Janna. This champion can increase the movement speed of her allies by 8%. She can also neutralize enemy champions with her W, because when she throws it, she can slow down the enemy and increase her speed more. Janna’s Q and R can help her allied team get out of Udyr’s clutches, as he doesn’t use only speed displacement, it will be difficult to reach his enemies more easily.

    Udyr counter items

    The following items have to be used to have a better confrontation against Udyr.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    This object decreases the speed of movement of the objectives touched by some skill that throws the one that possesses it. Udyr’s passive increases the speed of movement with each species, but this item will help him approach easily.

    Heart of Ice

    This item decreases the attack speed of enemies who hit the possessor by 5%. A close combat against Udyr would be a good item for him, as his passive can also increase his attack speed or Q ability.

    Sword of the Ruined King

    This item can steal 25% of the movement speed of the enemy it has been thrown at. I recommend this for ADC or assassins, because if they find themselves in trouble with Udyr they can escape thanks to this item.

    Mercury Fajin

    This item can remove any CC when activated. Udyr’s W ability gives him a Disruption with his first basic attack. It is highly recommended, as Udyr can cause a lot of damage when he stuns an enemy, much more if it is paper.

    Udyr counter spells

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