In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Urgot. This champion has become a great killing machine. League of Legends has modified its ultimate to Urgot, as it can mercilessly grind whoever is hit.

This champion is modified for a 1vs1 combat, since it is TOP he can win the line very easy and with almost no help. But as all League of Legends champions have their counter, here I will show you which are the Urgot champions.

Tips for dealing with Urgot

  • Use champions with CC. The CC helps a lot to avoid Urgot’s passive, as their passive fire their legs and have more physical damage.
  • Play with mobile champions. This ability that champions with mobility have helps to maintain a good area and avoid the R of Urgot.
  • He avoids his pokeo. Urgot can paste his ultimate from much earlier, for when you have little life murder you with his ultimate.
  • He uses life stealing. This helps a lot in a confrontation with Urgot.
  • Urgot counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Urgot.



    This champion can face Urgot without much trouble, as he has a skill that helps him a lot. Jax’s ability E can prevent damage from Urgot’s passive, as Urgot’s passive does a lot of damage. Jax can also increase his armadu with his ultimate to take more damage to Urgot.


    This champion can dodge Urgot’s ultimate or prevent an ally from being crushed if Shen hits his ultimate in time. Shen’s W skill also provides a safe zone that prevents basic attacks on allies or Shen himself. I recommend Shen against Urgot, as he can help in everything against him.


    Estácampeona can help Urgot to stay away and kill him from a distant area. The Q of Lux can catch Urgot so that he can’t move and end up with him very easily. Urgot does not like to be trapped or neutralized, as it is very slow and this avoids his passive. I recommend it.


    If you don’t know what ADC to use against Urgot, I recommend Sivir. This champion has a great shield that if you have good reflexes you can dodge the ultimate of it. Sivir’s ability E gives her a shield, which when reached by a skill turns it into manna. If you face Urgot and you are worn out remember to activate this ability at that moment of its ultimate.



    This champion is the most recommended support against Urgot, since she can give a good peel to his allies. Nami can stop Urgot with her Q or R to neutralize him and kill him as a team. He can also heal his allies with his W ability, so that Urgot doesn’t crush his allies when they reach the percent of life.

    Urgot counter items

    The following items have to be used against Urgot, to have a better confrontation.


    ZhonyasThis object immunizes the possessor when activated. The ultimate of Urgot can be failed if you use this item at the precise moment. It is highly recommended, as it can pass by that definite skill and give them a new chance.

    Memories of Lord Dominik

    This item increases +20% of the physical damage to champions who have more life than the one who possesses it. Urgot is a champion with quite a lot of life, so I recommend this item. It is necessary to use it if you need to take Urgot out of the battle.

    Sword of the Ruined King

    This object provides life-stealing. Urgot and life-stealing items are not taken out of hand, as the ultimate Urgot will not be able to get his R out in time. It is recommended to use life stealing in the game against Urgot for its ultimate.

    Urgot counter spells

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