In this guide I will show you how to counter Varus. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as he possesses powerful and CC skills. Also Varus’ E skill is very good for facing champions with life stealing. But here I’ll show you how to counter Varus, showing you a few champions and giving you some tips to face him.

Tips for dealing with Varus

  • When Varus hits you basic you apply infection and when Varus hits a skill he detonates it inflicting magic damage.
  • Use scrolling champions. This helps dodge Varus’ abilities like his Q or R.
  • Don’t stay on Varus’s ability E. This ability causes you not to regenerate your life.
  • Uses CC. If Varus catches you with his ultimate the CC can help him not to attack you.
  • Don’t stand by an ally who was beaten by the ultimate of Varus. The ultimate catches everyone in his rank.
  • Varus counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Varus.


    This champion can easily catch Varus and bear the passive of his W skill. Vi’s passive provides a shield each time she hits a skill, giving this advantage to Varus not doing more damage with his W. Vi’s ultimate can catch Varus when he comes close to attacking champions caught in his R.


    This champion I recommend her because she has mobility skills, CC and great damage. Riven is quite strong against low-strength champions, as she can delete it quite easily. Riven can dodge Varus’ Q or R skill if he does it well enough, with his E skill. I recommend playing aggressively with her.


    This champion is quite good against Varus, as he possesses great damage and excellent skills against paper champions. If Varus tries to catch Yasuo with his R, he can avoid it with his W ability, just like Varus’s Q and E. If Varus tries to catch Yasuo with his R, he can avoid it with his W ability, just like Varus’ Q and E. If Varus catches Yasuo it will be the same, as Varus will not be able to attack him when he puts on his wind.


    This champion can attack Varus very easily and face him without much trouble. Lucian’s E skill helps him dodge Varus’ Q, E, or R skills. Besides that he can dodge him if in a given house Varus catches Lucian this one throws his ultimate where Varus is to make him retreat.


    This champions can give a good peel to their team, when talking about an enemy Varus. Leona’s ability E can catch Varus being trapped in her ultimate. Also if you do that, you can catch him with his ultimate of any attempt to attack his allies. I recommend support, as Varus has no scrolling skills.

    Varus counter items

    The following items have to be used to face Varus.



    This object immunizes the champion who possesses it when activated. When Varus hits his ultimate, this item can be activated at that moment to dodge or avoid damage from Varus. It is highly recommended, as Varus can spend that ability.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes from any CC or neutralizes champions who possess it. This item has to be used by ADC champions or assassins, because if Varus catches them they can lose the game. It has to be activated quickly as soon as Varus hits his ultimate.

    Heart of Ice

    This item slows the attack speed of enemy champions when they hit the owner. It is very necessary to have this item, as Varus’ passive increases his attack speed each time he kills anything.

    Varus counter spells

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