In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Veigar. This League of Legends champion is quite good, as he has a good passive that helps to destroy any champion that faces him. This passive increases your skill power permanently by hitting or knocking down an enemy. Veigar’s Q is also another big point in his favor, because if he kills anything with that ability he gets a small magic power bonus.

Tips for dealing with Veigar

  • Use champions from a distance. It is necessary to maintain a good position and be able to cast spells from a safe area, because if Veigar catches you it can be your end.
  • It is necessary to use mobility against him. Veigar and his ability E can catch you very easily, but if you have a champion with mobility you can dodge that ability and save yourself.
  • If Veigar locks you up in his E skill, don’t try to be stunned, but keep moving. If you are trapped in the E without being stunned move and if you see Veigar trying to hit you with his W let him stun you, but in an area outside the range of that ability W.

Veigar counter champions

These champions are the most recommended when facing Veigar.


This champion and his ultimate can cross everything without problems and without receiving any CC. Olaf can face Veigar without problems, because if Veigar catches him he activates his R and falls behind Veigar with a lot of fury. Veigar to make a perfect combo needs his objectives quiet, so I recommend Olaf, as he can leave any CC with his ultimate.


In addition to the fact that this champion can be cured, he can also be immune from any ability thrown at him. Vladimir’s W skill helps a lot in facing Veigar, as he can avoid any skill Veigar has. If Veigar throws his R at Vladimir and he is very fast with his W Veigar he can fail.


This champion can delete any paperchampion very easily, much easier when they don’t have mobility like Veigar. If Veigar tries to catch Fizz with his E he only uses his skill E (Gambero) to dodge. Also this skill E of Fizz if thrown at the precise moment can disappear the R of Veigar.


If you want to go ADC and you don’t know which one to use, I recommend Sivir. This champion can poke with her big Q or use her W rebounds to keep Veigar from getting close. Sivir also has a great skill that is her E that can withstand any skill Veigar throws at her. Sivir can easily exit the Veigar E with this ability.


Morgana can catch Veigar and put her shield to a good damage ally to kill him. this champion can help Veigar a lot in his search for death, as her ability E gives her a shield that absorbs magic damage and removes any neutralization weakness. It is highly recommended thanks to this skill.

Veigar counter items

The following objects help a lot to face Veigar.

Malmortius jaws

This object absorbs 300+1 magic damage when the possessor is below 30% of his life. Malmortius jaws can easily withstand the R of Veigar, as this Veigar skill does a lot of magic damage.

Mercury Fajin

This object pulls out of any weakness in which the possessor is found when activated. I recommend this item to the damage champions, because if Veigar catches it this item can take it out of that CC and give it a second chance.


When this object is activated it leaves in an immune moment without being able to cast any ability or spells the one that possesses it. In many cases this object has disappeared the ultimate of Veigar, because when used quickly Veigar can fail.

Veigar counter spells

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