In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Vel’Koz. This champion is quite annoying, as he has a great passive that damages champions with real damage. Also this champion’s combo can help his team a lot, as he can catch his enemies. But here I’ll show you how to counter Vel’Koz, recommending a few champions and giving you a few tips to face him.

Tips for dealing with Vel’Koz

  • It avoids being damaged by its passive. If you see that he already hit you once with an ability, try to dodge the other 2, so that it doesn’t explode and damage you with real damage.
  • Use champions with CC. A good stun can help cancel his final ability.
  • Use scrolling champions. A great move to a safe area can save you from their passive or good damage ability.
  • It’s better to face him from a distance. If you use melee champions against him, it’s best to use Engage champions, as you can catch him easily.
  • Vel’Koz counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Vel’Koz without problems.

    Master Yi

    This champion possesses great damage, speed of movement and great abilities, which Vel’Koz would find difficult to beat. Master Yi can enter with basics, to damage Vel’Koz easily and save his Q skill, to dodge Vel’Koz’s E skill. He can also withstand the detonation of Vel’Koz’s passive with his skill W.


    This champion can approach Vel’Koz without problems, as they have 2 excellent skills that allow him to access it without problems. Fiora’s Q skill allows her a short move that can help her dodge Vel’Koz’s E skill or some other. Fiora’s W skill also allows her to hold on to any skill that Vel’Koz throws at her without damaging her.


    This champion can face Vel’Koz without problems, as her skills help her to maintain a clean confrontation. As we know Vel’Koz is a champion with a high attack range, but no mobility, making it easier for LeBlanc to catch him without problems. LeBlanc can approach Vel’Koz hand-to-hand and dodge his abilities with his W skill. If Vel’Koz tries to combear LeBlanc, she can return to her safe zone by pressing her W skill again.


    The passive of this champion turns it into a problem of attaining a skill to the champions of good rank like Vel’Koz. Kalista’s passive allows her to move to any zone each time she attacks. Also Kalista’s definitive ability can help his ally who held a pact, or he can also cancel Vel’Koz’s definitive ability when his ally throws himself at him.


    Vel’Koz will be an easy prey against Blitzcrank, as the abilities of this champion can screw him up. Blitzcrank’s Q, E and R skills don’t allow enemies caught and touched by these 3 skills to do anything to defend themselves. Also from easily catching Vel’Koz, as he does not have any movement skills, he can also cancel Vel’Koz’s definitive ability with his Q, E or R.

    Vel’Koz counter items

    The following items have to be used against Vel’Koz, to have a better confrontation.



    This object allows the possessor to be immunized for a moment. When Vel’Koz tries to combear, it is necessary to activate this object, in order to avoid any damage to his abilities. I recommend it to you so that Vel’Koz does not want to make you focus.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius JawsVel’Koz’s skills do a lot of magic damage, so I recommend this item. This allows the champion who owns it to have a shield when he reaches his -30% of life. When it reaches that limit of life, the shield absorbs 300+1 magic damage.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness in which the possessor finds himself. Vel’Koz’s ability E throws enemies touched by that ability into the air, causing this ease of damage. I recommend this item to you if you are an assassin or ADC.

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