In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Viktor. This League of Legends champion is very good against body to body or no mobility champions, as his skills allow him to maintain advantages against them. Also his passive allows him to improve any skill, every time he improves his bar in the store. But here I’ll show you how to counter Viktor without a lot of problems.

Tips for dealing with Viktor

  • Use scrolling champions. This will help you dodge Viktor’s skills or get out of his W or R.
  • It is necessary to have CC. Since Viktor is very slow, a stun can help assassinate him without problems.
  • Don’t make him body to body. Viktor’s skills are better against melee champions, as he can easily damage them.
  • Viktor’s counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended, to face Viktor in a game.

    Master Yi

    This champion I recommend jungle, to be able to help the ally that faces Viktor. Master Yi and his great damage can kill any champion quite easily. If you face a Viktor, you have to enter by attacking with basics and throw the Q skill at him, when Viktor launches his W to catch.


    This champion possesses a great stamina and excellent skills that can maintain a fight against Viktor. Cho’Gath’s Q skill allows him to throw touched enemies through the air, causing Viktor to be caught and easily killed. Cho’Gath can also silence with his W to prevent Viktor from making a combo.


    Anivia’s skills are pretty good against Viktor, as he can neutralize and pokear pretty easy. Anivia’s Q skill, can stun her enemies and much easier when they don’t have displacement. Anivia and her great magic damage can even cause Viktor’s death, as her E can give double damage when she stuns or touches her ultimate.


    The ADC I highly recommend against Viktor is Tristana, as she can damage her enemies from a wide range. Tristana’s W skill also allows her to fly through the air, making Viktor unable to catch her with her W skill or ultimate ability. If Viktor tries to gain movement speed with his Q to assassinate Tristana, Tristana can throw her ultimate to drive him away.


    Viktor is very weak against champions with CC, because when he is caught he can’t throw his skills as he should be. Leona’s ultimate skill can be thrown from a good area, to catch his enemies and much better if it is to catch Viktor. Leona has to spend the whole CC on Viktor, because if he hits an ally of Leona it can damage him a lot.

    Viktor’s counter items

    The following items have to be used against Viktor, to maintain a better confrontation.


    ZhonyasThis item allows the possessor to be immunized when activated. If Viktor catches with his skill W it is important to activate this object, as he can launch his ultimate and his other skills to damage easily.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jawsThis object provides a shield that can withstand 300+1 magic damage, when the possessor reaches -30% of life. Viktor has quite a bit of magic damage and when he combo his enemies he deals a lot of damage that leaves him on the brink of death. I recommend it to killers or melee fighters.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object removes any weakness in which the champion finds himself and possesses it when activated. If Viktor succeeds in catching the champion who possesses this item, he will only come out by pressing this item. It is recommended for ADC champions and assassins.

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