In this guide I will show you how to counter Volibear. This champion has very good skills when it comes to melee champions, he can also reach a champion with his Q and bring him back. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommend a few champions to face Volibear without problems.

Tips for dealing with Volibear

  • Use champions with CC. Disruption or neutralization can help prevent Volibar from reaching them with their Q ability.
  • Don’t be close to him or your allies when it comes to active Volleyball. This ultimate can cause damage to all who are close by by just by hitting a target.
  • Use serious wounds. The passive Volibear regenerates him when he reaches a critical life percentage.
  • If you’re paper, don’t make Volibear body to body. The W ability to Volibear increases the attack speed and when applied it damages with additional damage and much more if the enemy is short of life.
  • Volleyball Counter Champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Volibear.


    This champion makes a great counter to Volibear, as she can trap it in her spider web, to prevent Volibear from starting with her Q. Also when Volibear activates her ultimate, she can be immunized from that bouncing damage by becoming a spider and her E. Also Elise’s spider-shaped passive allows her basic attacks to heal her and damage her with magical damage.


    This champion can easily face Volibear, as his ultimate allows him to change weapons to help him have a better fight. The pokeo is good enough against Volibear not to let him farmear. Also if Volibear tries to get close Jayce can return it with his E skill in the form of a Hammer.


    This champion can neutralize the enemy’s movement speed with her Q ability. Kayle’s Q ability can prevent Volibar from reaching her with her Q, as this ability neutralizes enough. Kayle’s passive ability is also good against tanks, as it can remove -3% of armor or resistance and can accumulate up to 5 times which is equivalent to 5% of both.


    This champion is the one I recommend the most as ADC to face Volibear. Vayne’s abilities help her to protect herself from Volibear and her great damage to finish him very easily. Vayne’s ability E can throw Volibear backwards when he tries to approach with his Q. Also Vayne’s ability Q can give her a chance to get away from him.


    This champion can annoy Volibear in everything, since she can catch him or prevent him from throwing an ally or herself backwards. Morgana’s Q ability can prevent Volibear from catching someone. Also her ability E gives her or his allies a shield that they can be thrown back by Volibear.

    Volibear counter items

    The following items have to be used against Volibear, to have a better confrontation against it.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    This object allows the possessor to neutralize enemy champions when he touches them with an ability. I recommend this item to wizard champions at a distance, as they can easily neutralize the Volleyball Q skill.

    Deadly Reminder

    deadly reminder

    This item allows the possessor to give serious wounds to enemy champions when he touches them. The passive Volibear regenerates the life when it is at a critical limit, but this item reduces that healing, so that it is not so greater. (Also good for tank champions)

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