This League of Legends champion is very good, as he has quite a lot of damage and spectacular skills that make this a very difficult opponent. This champion has become a beast with his definitive ability, because if you are at a distance you will not be able to damage him if you are outside the circle of that ability. But as all League of Legends champions have their weaknesses here I show you.

Tips for facing Xin Zhao

  • Careful with the body to body. Xin Zhao’s passive every 3 attacks he makes gives him additional damage and cures him.
  • It is necessary to have CC. If this champion is not stopped quickly he can delete a paper ally.
  • Use champions with mobility. You need to use mobility to get away from him.
  • Don’t spend skills if you’re out of the circle of his defining ability. Xin Zhao’s R blocks damage being thrown at him.
  • Counter champions of Xin Zhao

    The following champions are the most recommended when facing Xin Zhao.


    This champion annoys Xin Zhao in everything, as he possesses abilities that can increase armor or prevent Xin Zhao from approaching an ally. Rammus can save his ally’s life with his E skill, as this skill forces him to hit him when used with an enemy champion.


    This champion also increases his armor and can withstand Xin Zhao’s blows with his E skill. Jax can face Xin Zhao inside his R, as he can hit quite hard and withstand most blows with his E or R. If Xin Zhao pulls Jax out with his R he can re-enter with his Q.


    This champion I recommend her in the mid line, as she has very good skills against Xin Zhao. If Xin Zhao tries to throw her E at Ahri, she is only throwing her E (Charm) skill at him. Also if Ahri is in trouble against Xin Zhao this can come out with his ultimate, to avoid damage to Xin Zhao and away from him.


    To Pesardel damage that has this champion, also possesses good abilities against Xin Zhao. Vayne is the ADC that I recommend the most against Xin Zhao, because if Xin Zhao catches her with her E she can return him with her E. Also Vayne’s invisibility is quite useful against him, because he won’t be able to hit her while he is in that Q-R passive.


    This champion can give an excellent peel to her team against a Xin Zhao. Janna can stop Xin Zhao with her Q if he tries to hit an ally with her E. Janna’s definite ability also helps Xin Zhao out. The E skill helps a lot to face Xin Zhao, as this skill increases the damage of the ally and protects him with a shield.

    Items (Objects) counter by Xin Zhao

    The following items have to be used against Xin Zhao.

    Call from Verdugo

    This item provides serious injuries to enemy champions when they are hit by the possessor. Xin Zhao’s passive heal him every 3 attacks, if you have this item that healing will decrease and help you finish it faster and easier.

    Height of Thorns

    This item causes damage to enemy champions when they hit the possessor. When Xin Zhao confronts a champion who has this item, he takes the item’s damage and the champion’s damage if he confronts him.

    Death Fairy Veil

    This item fully supports the first skill that touches the one who possesses it. If Xin Zhao tries to take you out with his R this object will not make him do that function, since he can dissipate it. I recommend this item for AP killers.

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