In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Yorick. This champion is pretty good against close range champions and has no displacement. Yorick’s abilities allow him to neutralize, trap, damage and heal. In addition to doing all that, he can also summon corpses that damage enemy champions and much more if they are marked by his skill E. He can also summon corpses that damage enemy champions and much more if they are marked by his skill E. But here I’ll give you a few tips and recommended champions to finish him off.

Tips for dealing with Yorick

  • Use scrolling champions. This will help you get out of Yorick’s W skill very easily.
  • Uses CC. A Disruption can prevent Yorick from damaging within his W ability or from hitting with his Q and healing.
  • Use champions from a distance. A good pokeo and keep in good position will be a nuisance for Yorick.
  • Yorick counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Yorick without problems.


    This champion can fight against another champion body to body and take advantage of him, as it can increase his healing and damage quite a lot. Trundle’s final skill and W can be a very good combination, as he will have great damage and great healing. This combination can be done when Yorick tries to attack Trundle within his W skill



    This champion possesses very good skills against Yorick and also possesses a great deal of damage that can destroy him quite easily. If Yorick catches Tryndamere with his W skill, he can go out with his E skill. A close combat against Yorick Tryndamere can beat him, as he has immortality and displacement.


    This champion can attack Yorick from a good area and finish off the corpses that Yorick lifts off the ground with a single skill. Ahri’s Q skill can wipe out all of Yorick’s corpses and hit him without much effort. Ahri’s ultimate ability also allows him to exit Yorick’s W skill with ease.


    This is the ADC that I highly recommend against Yorick, as his skills are very good and can help you to maintain a confrontation against him. Quinn’s ability E can help her get out of Yorick’s ability W, as long as you use it from a good position. To use this skill excellently, you have to throw it at Yorick being close to the wall of his skill.


    This champion can give a good protection to your team, when it comes to an enemy Yorick. Bardo’s Q skill is a light projectile that slows down your enemy if touched. If this ability touches 2 enemies or minions, they are stunned for a moment. Yorick will always be stunned, as Yorick’s corpses can help complete this ability to achieve stun.

    Yorick counter items

    The following items have to be used to maintain a confrontation against Yorick.

    Call of the Executioner

    This object decreases the healing of enemies when they are hit by the possessor. Yorick’s Q ability allows him to regenerate a percentage of life, but having this object will reduce it a lot. I recommend it to ADC champions or good damage fighters.

    Height of Thorns

    This object allows enemies to take damage if they hit the champion who owns it. Yorick and a close combat against a champion who owns this item will be quite difficult for him, as he will have more damage if he causes it.

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