Yuumi is a champion support with a high performance utility, cures and protection, in this content we explain how to counter Yuumi, the kitten support.

To make counter to this champion is not very difficult as long as you follow the general advices that we explain you below.

General tips for countering Yuumi

  • Use supports with protection skills, either healing or shield.
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to Yuumi’s pockeos.
  • The ADC should use items of serious wounds, such as Call of the Executioner, since Yuumi has a high healing power.
  • The support should use ignite to reduce Yuumi cures, especially if you are using a pockeo support or a body to body, such as Leona, Nautilus, Pyke, ect.
  • Prevent Yuumi from attacking you with basics without her receiving damage in return, as she will gain mana and her shield, mana that she will then use to keep pockeándote.
  • Staying behind the waves of minions will greatly reduce your chances of hitting your Q.
  • Focus on following the champions who have little life, as the chances of Yuumi joining those champions to cure them is very high.
  • Yuumi counter champions


    With Janna you can save the shield for use in the ADC just as Yuumi is about to hit the Q.


    With Lulu you can follow the same strategy as with Janna, you can save the shield and use it to protect the ADC from Yuumi’s Qs.


    Lucian can make a good counter, since with his dash he can avoid Yuumi’s Q and also his ulti.


    With this ADC having a long distance range, you can keep a range far enough away to avoid Yuumi’s abilities and in addition, the speed of movement given by Yuumi to his ADC will not prevent Caitlyn from hitting his R.

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