In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Zac. This champion is very good, as he can jump from very good distance and reach enemies. In addition to having the ability to catch, he can also regenerate his life or revive, thanks to his passive. But here I’ll show you how to finish off Zac with a few tips and recommended champions, to have a better match.

Tips for dealing with Zac

  • Step on the green slime. The passive of him throw small particles green color, that when he touches them it regenerates a percentage of his life to him.
  • Use scrolling champions. Zac’s E skill allows him to jump from a great distance, which if he hits enemies he throws them into the air.
  • Keep the map with vision. It’s better to put Ward behind the walls than in the bushes, as he can jump from a better place.
  • Zac counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to face Zac.


    This champion I recommend jungle, to annoy Zac in it. Vi’s abilities are very good against Zac’s abilities. Vi’s Q ability can cancel Zac’s E ability when he tries to attack or escape with that ability. Also Vi’s ultimate ability helps him cancel that ability. These abilities can shatter Zac’s passive when he tries to revive.


    Poppy has very good skills against Zac, as they will help him a lot in defending his team from him. Poppy’s W skill can stop Zac in the air when he throws his E. Poppy’s W skill stops any champion who tries to enter abruptly when activated. Don’t use the definitive skill when Zac is passive, as if you send him away he can regenerate where he arrives.


    Zac can’t die near Veigar or try to throw himself where he is. Veigar’s ability E allows him a picture that will stun everyone who hits his wall. When Zac tries to jump, this painting will not allow him to pass, but will trap him in the air. If Zac dies against Veigar there will be no hope for him to revive, as his ability E can prevent the process. I recommend that Veigar does not launch his definitive ability when Zac has his passive.


    Vayne’s abilities and his great damage make a great counter to Zac. Vayne’s ability E can counter Zac’s ability E, as it can be cancelled if Vayne has it nearby. Vayne’s Q ability can also dodge Zac’s E ability when he tries to reach it from a great distance.


    This champion can trap Zac or cancel Zac’s ability E whenever he wants. Thresh’s Q or E allows him to annoy Zac very easily, as these abilities stop or neutralize touched enemy champions. When Zac tries to jump Thresh, he can also throw his lamp at the place where Zac will fall for protection or to remove his ally from there.

    Items (objects) counter of Zac

    The following items have to be used, in order to have a better confrontation against Zac.

    Edge of the Night

    This object avoids the first skill that touches the possessor, when it has already been channeled. Zac’s ability E can take a while and during that time the possessor can channel that item to avoid that ability.

    Death Fairy Veil

    objetos League of LegendsThis object allows a shield that immunizes the champion of the first ability thrown by enemies. Zac’s ability E can stun enemies in the impact zone, but thanks to this item it won’t be like that.


    ZhonyasThis object immunizes the champion who owns it when it is activated. When this object is activated it does not allow it to cast spells or abilities while it is in function. Zac’s ultimate ability or his E can give you a hard time, but this item can save you from that.

    Call of the Executioner

    This object decreases the healing of enemies when they are hit by the possessor. The passive of Zac allows him to regenerate his life, because when he throws an ability or attack he throws a green slime that when he steps on it heals a percentage of his life.

    Zac counter spells

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