In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Zed. This League of Legends Champion is a beast in times of killing a champion at any time. We all know that League of Legends champions have their weaknesses. That’s why I’ll show you how and which League of Legends champions can end up with this massacre called Zed.

Zed is a body to body champion who has as a passive «Disdain against the weak». It is passive, it makes that when Zed’s opponent is in the middle of life better said 50% of her, Zed attacks with a basic attack causing enough damage to the opponent he attacks.

Zed and his Runes of «Lethality» and «Harm» is a very good combination for his time of murder. Zed since he is a champion with mobility, he can reach a paper champion easily. I recommend you if you are «ADC» know how to position yourself and know how to use «Flash» when you attack.

Now I’ll show you which champions counter Zed

Zed counter champions on the Mid line


She’s a champion. She’s the most I recommend you go when it comes to beating Zed. As Kayle in her abilities slows, heals, increases the attack distance and protects herself with her shield.

Kayle against Zed, Zed will have a hard time with him, since Zed won’t let him bluff because of his skill «Righteous Rage» (E).

If Zed attacks you with his last one, it will be in vain as Kayle becomes immune to that damage. I recommend it.


Lissandra is also a very good champion when it comes to finishing off Zed. She has CC «Frost Ring» (W), distance attack «Ice fragment» (Q) and her range or escape «Glacier Trail» (E).

This champion can end up with Zed in two ways. First if you want a stamina fight, she pokea to aggressive Zed and if Zed tries to kill her, use her last on her causing damage to Zed and healing her life and protecting her from the explosion of Zed’s last.

Second way, if Lissandra has good items (Objects) to delete Zed she plows it so easily.


Be a champion as you have passive immunity shield, withstand any attempt at pokeo from Zed.

Malzahar is another magician that I recommend you against this assassin because he has the same CC «Infernal Grip» (R), also his silence «Call of Emptiness» (Q). Zed will not be able to finish with this champion since malzahar has abilities that counter Zed.


This bloody vampire is just as easy to beat Zed. Since this one has healing «Transfusion» (Q) and «Hemoplague» (R).

This vampire also has a defense against Zed because he becomes a blood slime, being immune and causing damage to what surrounds him. This ability «Charco de sangre» (W) avoids the last of Zed.

Zed counter champions in the Top line

How to counter Yasuo with Jax


She’s champion in the Top line beats Zed in combat. Irelia has CC in her skill «Balance Strike» (E) if Zed attacks first Irelia activates this skill leaving Zed in CC and making it easy to combo. Irelia has a lot of damage and the best thing is to hold on as it is off tank.

Zed won’t be able to escape Irelia’s clutches, as she has too much range and damage at a distance with her lately.


Since Jax is a body to body champion Zed will be afraid to face this one as it is easy to do a combo to Zed. If Zed attacks with his last one he will be able to activate his skills «Counterattack» (E) and last «Grandmaster’s Strength» (R) to reduce Zed’s damage.

He also has the range to finish off Zed with his «Brutal Jump» skill (Q).


This champion as he has a lot of attack speed and critical makes Zed explode in a fight at once. Tryndamere and his healing and movement skills make Zed an easy prey.

Tryndamere is a very good champion against Zed as he has immortality ulti that lasts several seconds.


This champion even though he’s a tank annoys with his damage to Zed. Since Singed’s goal is to pharm and make the champions chase them this against Zed will be easy.

Zed as a murderer will want to kill Singed but Singed is not a champion fighter but to lure enemies into his «trick» trap.

Items (Object) that counter Zed


This item (Object), is composed of armor and its passive that when activated can hold the last of Zed easily.

Mesh of thorns

This item (Object) causes one percent of Zed’s attacks to be returned as Zed is a heavy damage champion. This item is made up of armor and life helping stamina against Zed.

Metallon of iron solaris

Provides armor shield for allies plus 35 per level. If Zed did badly in the game already with this item he will no longer have enough damage to kill.

Spells that make Zed counter


This will help hold the Zed tool easy.


Since Zed requires reach it slows the pace and damage of it.

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