In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Ziggs. This champion is a big problem, as he has a great passive and skills that help him a lot. Ziggs’ passive casts a bomb as a basic attack with additional magic damage, if Ziggs casts a skill this passive can be used again. But here I’ll show you how to beat Ziggs, giving you some advice and recommending champions to face it.

Tips for dealing with Ziggs

  • Never leave this champion alone in his line. Ziggs can knock down towers much faster, as his W skill can knock it down when it can be activated in towers.
  • Use champions with mobility. Ziggs skills can be easily dodged with scrolling skills.
  • Be careful about making jungle targets with Ziggs alive. The ultimate Ziggs can come from far away and kill allies or steal the jungle target like the Baron or Dragon.
  • Ziggs counter champions

    The following champions are most recommended against Ziggs.

    Master Yi

    This champion besides possessing a great attack damage, can also endure or dodge Ziggs skills very easily. Master Yi’s Q or E ability can make Ziggs not destroy him with his ultimate. Yi’s Q can make him immune from the ultimate attack of Ziggs, if thrown at the right time. Yi’s W ability can also withstand the ultimate or another ability of Yi, as it cures him and reduces the damage he receives.


    This champion is also quite good against Ziggs, as he can be cured and remain immune for a moment with his W ability. When Ziggs pokea Vladimir, he will be able to recover with his Q ability. Vladimir’s Q ability cures him, but when Vladimir’s resources are at their maximum, he can be cured much more. I also recommend using Vladimir’s W skill to dodge abilities that could kill you, such as Ziggs’ ultimate.


    This champion can help his allies and quickly return to Ziggs, as his ability E allows him to fly walls. Besides that he can leave his line and return quickly, this one also possesses a great damage against champions papers like Ziggs. I recommend you to kill Ziggs quickly and help your own without Ziggs knocking down the tower.


    This is the most recommended ADC against Ziggs, as it has speed of movement in its ultimate and damage at great distance. Also, Sivir’s E skill cannot be left behind, as it can withstand any skill that throws Ziggs. I recommend that you wait for Ziggs to hit you with a skill in order to hold it with the E, much better if it is the ultimate of Ziggs.


    This champion has a great advantage over Ziggs, as he can stun or neutralize Ziggs without much trouble. In addition to being able to neutralize Ziggs, he can also save himself or his allies from the ultimate Ziggs. Bardo’s ultimate ability allows him to be immune for a moment to anything he touches in his area.

    Ziggs counter items

    The following items have to be used against Ziggs.


    ZhonyasThis object immunizes the champion who owns it when activated. This is the most recommended object against Ziggs, as it can avoid great damage it wants to cause. Zhonyas can be used in any death attempt against Ziggs or avoid the great damage of its ultimate.

    Death Fairy Veil

    League of Legends objectsThis item causes the first skill to teque the possessor to do no damage, neutralise or stun. This item can save you from the Ziggs combo or take advantage of it with its combo. If you see that Ziggs hit you with a skill, take advantage of that cooling down moment to combine it.

    Edge of the Night

    This item provides a shield to the possessor when channeled. When this item is channeled it provides a shield that can withstand the first skill that touches the possessor. It is recommended for AD or ADC killers.

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