In this guide I will be showing you how to counter Zilean. Zilean’s passive is also very good, as it can increase the experience of an allied champion and at the same time his. Also his ultimate can be quite helpful, as he can revive his allies. But here I recommend a few champions and a few tips to face him.

Tips for dealing with Zilean

  • Use champions with CC. A stun can help Zilean not launch his ultimate and die his ally or him without being able to revive.
  • Don’t murder Zilean or his ally when Zilean’s ultimate is active in one of them. This ultimate is temporary and if it dies before it dissipates, they can revive.
  • Use scrolling champions. Q, W and Q abilities can cause a lot of damage and stun, as they are 2 time bombs at a time.
  • Attack Zilean if you’re sharing experience. His passive can only be thrown when he is not in combat, but if you catch him attack him.
  • Zilean counter champions

    The following champions are the most recommended to end Zilean.


    This champion I recommend against Zilean. Cho’Gath’s W ability can silence Zilean to prevent him from throwing his R. Also, this W ability can neutralize Zilean from any attempt to escape with his E, as it increases the movement speed of an ally or himself.


    Gangplank and its barrels do a lot of damage, this being easier when the enemy is stopped or is going to revive. Also Gangplank’s W skill allows him to get out of any weakness, as Zilean’s double Q is.


    Morgana’s ultimate ability can stun nearby enemies, causing Zilean not to throw his R in time. Morgana’s E ability also allows her to launch a shield that absorbs any weakening that touches her, such as Zilean’s double Q that can stun.


    This is the ADC champion I recommend the most against Zilean. Ashe’s ultimate skill allows her to shoot a huge arrow, which neutralizes and stuns touched enemies. This ability can prevent Zilean from releasing his ultimate ability.


    This is the most recommended support against Zilean, as its R has a silence that can prevent Zilean from using its ulti. If Zilean is caught by Blitzcrank, he won’t be able to launch his ultimate fast, as this champion can prevent access to the skills. Also, if Zilean revives an ally or him, Blitzcrank can screw him up again.

    Items (objects) counter of Zilean

    The following items have to be used against Zilean, to maintain a better confrontation.

    Mercury Fajin

    This object pulls out of any weakness in which the possessor is found when activated. Zilean’s ability Q, W and Q can stun and do double the damage, but by having this item you can get rid of the stun.


    ZhonyasThis object can immunize the champion that owns it when activated. Zilean’s Q, W and Q ability can cause a lot of damage, but by having this object you can be immunized, to avoid Zilean’s 2 time bombs.

    Malmortius jaws

    Fauces de Malmortius

    This object provides a magic resistance shield, which holds 300+1 magic damage, when the possessor reaches -30% of life. Zilean’s double time bomb can cause a lot of damage, but thanks to this object you will be able to resist.

    Rylai Crystal Scepter

    This object gives neutralization to enemies touched by an ability. Zilean’s ability E greatly increases the movement speed, but with this object and a good ability you can slow down that speed.

    Zilean counter spells

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