Here I’ll show you how to counter Zoe. This League of Legends champion is very good, as she can pick up summoner spells or items usefully with her W. She also has CC in her ability E which neutralizes quite a bit and she also has a great passive that every time she throws a skill she will have a powerful basic attack. But here I’ll show you how to end Zoe with a few tips and recommended champions to end her.

Tips for countering Zoe

  • Stay behind minions or champion tanks. Zoe’s basic thing is to throw her Q backwards and then get close with her R to hit you harder. If you are behind a tank or minions she could hit them.
  • It is very good to see that she has recharged in her ability W, to be thrown.
  • Use champions with CC and rank skills. If Zoe uses her R you can throw CC skills into her first hole, for when she gets caught. Never throw skills when she comes out of the hole but where she is going to return.
  • Never try to pass by its E. This ability is captured in the ground when it is not impacted, by mistake many pass over it being neutralized in a given time.
  • Zoe’s counter champions

    The next champions are pretty good against Zoe.


    This champion is the most recommended against Zoe from the jungle. Maokai can catch Zoe easily, because if she tries to poke with her Q-R, Maokai sticks her W ability to go with her in her R. Besides being a tank, for Zoe this would be a nuisance, as she can go with her in her R when she tries to poke and thus finish her off as a team.


    Gangplank can poke Zoe with her barrels by putting them where she started to throw her R causing Zoe to be damaged when she returns. Also, Gangplank’s W ability can dissipate Zoe’s E ability.


    If Zoe tries to make fun of Ahri, it wouldn’t be good enough for her to make fun of her R. Ahri can catch and damage Zoe when she throws her R in her face, she can also dodge Zoe’s ability Q or E with her ultimate. Ahri can move 3 times at different points with her R, making this a very big factor for Zoe.


    Varus thanks to his Q can hit Zoe when she tries to mock his R. Also Varus can catch her with his ultimate when she tries to throw that ability. This champion has a lot of facility against Zoe, since the little one mocks with his R but this one returns the mockery to him with his Q or R.


    When Zoe throws her R, a quick Q from Morgana can damage everything to Zoe. Morgana is Zoe’s counter champion, as she can avoid her E with her E shield and catch her when she approaches with her Q. If Morgana catches Zoe with her Q she has to be fast and throw her R, to catch her and put an end to her.

    items (Objects) counter by Zoe

    I don’t recommend using items with useful functions in the game, as Zoe can use it when thrown near it.

    Banshee Veil (Death Fairy Veil)

    League of Legends ItemsThis item can fully withstand the first skill that touches the possessor. If Zoe tries to hit you with her E or her powerful Q-R, this item can hold one of Zoe’s 2 abilities. I recommend it for AP assassins, as they can finish her off and avoid being neutralized sooner.

    Malmortius jaws

    Malmortius jawsThis object withstands great magical damage when the possessor reaches -30% of his life. This item can save you from a large Q-R and Zoe’s passive, as it provides a good enough resistance barrier to resist that magic damage.

    Zoe’s counter spells

    Actually Zoe is not weak against any spell, as she can use it when they are used.

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